About AnimeDHFA

We started out several years back as a facebook Phenomenon. Our prime purpose was to provide a platform where Otakus could gather and mutually engage in discussions about the one thing they loved, namely, Japanese culture and the Anime World.

Over an extended period of time, many people contributed to our cause and helped us get here. To honor them and to realize their dream, we are working even now!

What was their dream you ask?

They just wanted everyone to understand and enjoy the feelings that Anime & Manga had given them. They wanted to help people find their happiness in this world of fantastical reality. A World where anyone could express without Fear or Judgement. A world worth living in!

Keeping in view our aims & goals, we will continue to provide you premium quality content for the benefit of Weebs and Otakus worldwide.

We sincerely hope for your love and support.


Team AnimeDHFA,

AnimeDHFA – Mascot