Akatsuki No Yona Manga- {LATEST 2020 UPDATED}

Akatsuki No Yona Manga- {LATEST 2020 UPDATED}

Akatsuki No Yona Manga is a beautiful tale of growth, adventure, friendship and love. The story follows the brave adventure of a young red-haired girl who grows up to become a compassionate leader of an entire nation. Essentially of Shojo genre, Yona of the Dawn manga does show numerous fluttery scenes aimed at a female audience. However the show is very apt for a male audience as well.

Akatsuki No Yona Manga:

Yona of The Dawn” is the English translation of the Japanese name 暁のヨナ”. In a magazine called “Hana tu Yume“, this manga launched way back in August 2009 and is still ongoing. An Anime series of the same name launched from October 7, 2014  to March 24, 2015.

yona of the dawn manga

The Author of Yona Manga:

Mizuho Kusanagi is the one and only author of Akatsuki No Yona Manga. She follows a premium, but unique Artstyle intended especially for Shojo anime & manga. Her other famous works include:

  1. Boku no Kotori-san
  2. Game X Rush
  3. NG Life (Released by Tokyolife)
  4. And Spiral Mugen

Among all of these, manga akatsuki no yona was adopted into a superb anime and thus, remains her best work. An example of her art style is here:

dawn manga

Plot of Akatsuki Yona Manga:

The story roots itself in a different world than ours. Kouka is a nation in this fictional world with a culture similar to East Asian nations. Before Kouka’s revolution, humans lived in chaotic and bad times. Murders, killings, lack of justice, wars, plagues and many mysterious deaths were a normal occurring.

The Red Dragon God finally took pity on the plight of humans and transformed himself into a Red-Haired man. He came down from the heavens in the form of a beautiful warrior named Hiryuu. Hiryuu founded the nation of Kyoka, and rallied his forces to victory against the evil emperors. During the war, he got injured and was on the verge of death when he was saved by the other dragon emperors who decided to help him.

They eventually got rid of all evil, but Hiryuu succumbed to an illness and finally died. Meanwhile Kouka survived as a nation.

Our main plot starts 2000 years after the events of the Red Dragon King. These events are now regarded by local people as mere legends and no dragon king has been seen for centuries. Yona is the young daughter of King II of the Sky Tribe. King II is the current ruler of Kouka and follows a philosophy of peace.

All day, princess Yona plays with her cousin Soo Won (Su Won) and her bodyguard Son Hak of the Sky Tribe. She has naturally crimson red hair and a tomboy attitude to things. She also has a crush on her cousin Su Wan. As the children come of age(16 Years), Yona decides to marry Su Won.

She tries to convince her father, but the King declines. Later she goes in the night to talk to her father about her wedding. Her father strictly forbids her from marrying her cousin. After a few days, Yona decides to talk to the King once more so she heads out towards his room.

To her Shock!!

Yona finds her cousin Su Wan stabbing her father with a knife. Stunned by the horror, she shrieks as her cousin advances towards her. Eventually she is saved by Son Hak, her bodyguard and both of them set out in the cold night as criminal fugitives.They run for their lives.

Su Wan, becomes the new king while Yona is declared dead and Hak is declared to be the murderer. Hak and Yona do not know what life-threatening adventure awaits them. They reach a certain village where an exiled priest tells them about the Crimson Dragon Warrior and his 4 companions.

Tired, struggling and alone, they head to the mountains to find the Dragon Kings and restore balance to once-peaceful kingdom of Kyouka. Yona Of The Dawn is a tale of unending struggle and sacrifice. It is also a tale of romance.

manga akatsuki no yona

Characters of Yona of the Dawn:

  • YONA:  Yona is initially shown as a carefree princess leading a very sheltered life in a big castle. She just plays with her friends and is surrounded by happiness. As things drastically change after her father’s assassination, Yona is forced to face the realities of life. After she flees the capital with Hak, she starts to learn the tru meaning of life and the worth of the throne his father sat upon. She begins to understand how she needs to turn herself into a ruler. Slowly we see her growing up. By personality, she is passionate, tomboyish, caring, loyal, vengeful at times and bears a great desire to learn different skills. She is also skilled in music to a professional degree and can masterfully play traditional instruments. She learns archery and sword fighting from Hak during their adventures. Yona realizes in the end, about the futility of revenge. English dub is voiced by Monica Rial, Japanese is voice by Chiwa Saito.

akatsuki no yona manga online

  • HAK:  Son Hak is a general of the sky tribe and Yona’s bodyguard. He lives his life under strict rules and harbors a loving tendency for Yona. They have been friends since childhood along with Su Won. Hak idealizes his duty over everything else and acts as the classic Shojo protagonist. He also teaches Yona about the ways of the savage world. He defeated a general in combat at the age of only 13 so he is the strongest soldier in the entire kingdom. After he was orphaned as a wee baby, the general Son Mundok adopted him. His title “The Lightening Beast” is given to him because of his rabid fighting skills. Specializing in a Guandao (A Polearm-like sharp weapon) he still uses swords, arrows and glaives with terrifying proficiency. In the begining, he gets too protective of Yona but as the manga passes, he starts to become more proud of her tomboyish side. Ever since young, Hak has loved Yona, but he killed his feelings so Yona could marry Su Won. After spending so much time with Yona, he starts falling in love over again. Voiced by Christopher Sabat and Tomoaki Maeno.

yona of the dawn wiki

  • SU WON:  Su Won (Soo Won) is essentially Yona’s cousin and childhood friend. Yona used to have a crush on him and was going to propose him for marriage too. He is the son of King II’s Brother. He killed Yona’s father King II because he found that King II had killed his father. Su Won is decisive, precise and very intelligent. He managed to gain support from the fire tribe in order to become the next king of Kouka. Passionate about building back the kingdom, Su Won put strict policies in place. He is also seemingly caring about Yona & Hak as he misleads his followers into believing that Yona is dead. He also saves Hak’s life by misdirecting their enemies. He also has been a good influence on Kyouka. Due to these reasons, Yona forfeits her revenge against him. His character traits match N from Pokemon. Voiced by Clifford Chaplin and Junko Minagawa.

akatsuki no yona read online

  • OTHER CHARACTERS: They include Yun and the dragon warriors Kieja, Jaeha, Sinha and Zeno. An Li and Sun Mundok are also such characters. Sun Mundok was the one who brought Hak up into such a strong man.

Read Akatsuki No Yona Manga Online:

There are many invalid and underhanded ways of reading the yona manga online, however the best one is probably Manganelo.

Though I really would not recommend it because the visuals are basically crap. Impatient Scans and his team used to translate the manga for weebs like us, but he is retired now apparently. After Impatient Scans, if you want to legitimately read akatsuki no yona, please refer above to Manganelo.


To this date, there has been 32 Volumes and 193 chapters of akatsuki no yona manga online. The Manga is still Ongoing. Akatsuki No Yona Volumes are very wonderfully illustrated by the author herself. Yona of the Dawn manga ending is not in sight yet. Ironically, it bears a striking resemblance to the Non Shoujo art style used in Pandora Hearts manga.


Studio Pierrot produced an anime “Yona of the Dawn” and its reviews were great too. It consisted of 26 episodes and it has come to an end.

The very classic thing about anime seemed to be its visuals, Yona’s hair are hand drawn to a masterful degree. Anime was also very well received among critics and young fans alike. Shojo anime universe will most probably never forget Akatsuki No Yona’s golden contribution.

Akatsuki No Yona Season 2:

Season 2 of the anime has not been confirmed yet. It is very likely that no season 2 will ever come out. Although the animation proved to be a hige success, most fanbase still lingered on the manga and thus the animation became a secondary priority for producers. Still fans like me can only hope for the best.

Manga Like Akatsuki No Yona:

  1. Kamisama Kiss
  2. Kiss Him Not Me!
  3. Horimiya
  4. Orange
  5. Citrus
  6. Fruits Basket
  7. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama


After this Akatsuki No Yona Review, I would first like to know your thoughts down in the comments. My personal opinion is that both the anime and manga are highly underrated and should be given more attention. While saying this, it is very true that sometimes they show classic cringe shojo scenes which may bother some audiences. But well, I still love them. We have tried to make this free from akatsuki no yona, spoilers, although there is no guarantee.I do state clearly that it is not a Dark Anime.


Is Akatsuki no Yona manga finished?

Mizuho Kusanagi has stated in a very specific interview that Yona of the Dawn Manga is around 70% complete. Right now the series is still ongoing, although the anime has ended. Yona of the Dawn manga ending has not been revealed yet.


What chapter did Akatsuki no Yona end?

The Anime including Yona of the Dawn OVA ends at manga chapters 41 & 42. Akatsuki no Yona season 2 is not expected to air anytime soon.


Is Akatsuki No Yona still Ongoing?

Yes, Even Yona of the dawn wiki confirmed that it is still ongoing. The Review is clear in this case.


What Chapter does Hak confess to Yona?

Hak finally confesses his love to Yona in Chapter 152 of akatsuki no yona manga online. Akatsuki No Yona Volumes are 32 in number.


Does Soo Won like Yona?

Su Won despite killing King II, still cares very much about Yona and Hak. Both of them, were Su Won’s childhood friends and he still loves them. This fact is proven when He defended Yona from arrows.

Please click on the links above to read akatsuki no yona manga online in a feasible legal form.


Is there season 2 of Akatsuki No Yona?

If we are talking about the anime, then it is quite clear that season 2 would not air any time soon. The Anime of yona of the dawn has been classified as “Finished” and “Complete”. It also follows a different ending than the manga. Thus, it is quite safe to assume that there is no possibility of any season 2 coming up either this year(2020) or the next year(2021) or the year after that(2022).


Is Akatsuki No Yona trashy?

Certainly not!! This is a question we get asked several times, however Yona of the Dawn is NEVER a trashy anime or manga. Infact at many times, it deviates from the sparkling Shoujo stereotypes and instead focuses on developing real feelings through growth, adventure & Loyalty.


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