AnimeDHFA 2020 Anime of The Year Awards (Best Anime 2020)

2020 was the year of Anime… An Anime year is generally divided into 4 seasons.

1- Winter 2020 (January-March)

2- Spring 2020 (April-June)

3. Summer 2020 (July-September)

4- Fall 2020 (October-December)

So we conducted a Polling on our website and Social Media from the fans deciding what they found to be the best anime 2020 in each of the given categories and the Results surprised even us…

For you, this article may serve as a good recommendation blog so lets get right into it:

You Will Know About:


1st Position: Jujutsu Kaisen

2nd Position: Re: Zero Season 2

3rd Position: Kaguya Sama Love is War Season 2


1. Best Action Anime 2020:

The Winners are:

action anime 2020

1st Position:  Jujutsu Kaisen

2nd Position: The God Of High School

3rd Position:  Tower Of God

2. Best Romance Anime 2020:

Romance anime 2020

1st Position: Kaguya Sama: Love is War

2nd Position: Oregairu Climax!

3rd Position: Fruits Basket the 2nd Season

3. Best Comedy Anime 2020:

comedy anime 2020

1st Position: Kaguya Sama: Love is War Season 2

2nd Position: Maoujou De Oyasumi

3rd Position: Osomatsu San Season 3

Best Fantasy Anime 2020:

fantasy anime 2020

1st Position: Re:Zero Season 2

2nd Position: Tower of God

3rd Position: Dorohedoro

Best Seinen Anime 2020:

seinen anime 2020

1st Position: Dorohedoro

2nd Position: Kingdom Season 3

3rd Position: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!!

Best Supernatural Anime 2020:

supernatural anime 2020

1st Position: Jujutsu Kaisen

2nd Position: The God Of Highschool

3rd Position: Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Best Psychological Anime 2020:

Psychological anime 2020

1st Position: Re:Zero Season 2

2nd Position: Kaguya Sama:Love is War Season 2

3rd Position: ID:Invaded

Best Sci-Fi Anime 2020:

Sci-FI anime 2020

1st Position: Akudama Drive

2nd Position: ID:Invaded

3rd Position: Deca-Dence

Best Slice of Life Anime 2020:

Slice of life anime 2020

1st Position: Oregairu Climax!

2nd Position: Fruits Basket 2nd Season

3rd Position: Maoujou De Oyasumi

Best Mystery Anime 2020:

mystery anime 2020

1st Position: Tower Of God

2nd Position: Moriarty The Patriot

3rd Position: Great Pretender

So there you go!! At least now you know what is the best of 2020. Please let us know your opinions on this list down in the comment section. Also a disclaimer for the offended variety of Peeps:

“It must be mentioned that Anime is a medium of Fiction and in no manner relates to the real Life or real events. Thus, any reference is purely coincidence and does not correspond to the truth or reality.”

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