Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 Premier Date, Characters & Plot (BSD Anime) Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 Premier Date, Characters & Plot (BSD Anime)

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 Premier Date, Characters & Plot (BSD Anime)

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 (BSD anime) is set to air in the year 2021 while Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 has recently abandoned us with some strange questions.

BSD anime belongs to Seinen Genre with “Bungō Sutorei Doggusu” as the Japanese name.

Kafka Asagiri wrote this brilliant manga serial in 2012 with 18 Volumes. A light Novel also came on premier scene in 2014 with 7 Volumes. The BSD Anime did not air until 7 April 2016, although it has been in production long since the manga debut. With 36 episodes, cool OVAs and 4 different seasons the stray dogs anime is a successful and unique production.
bungo stray dogs television show


Will there be a Bungou Stray Dogs season 4?

The bungo stray dogs television show has largely been a huge success. The first season came out in April 7, 2016 and it was immediately followed by a Season 2.

Meanwhile, the third season of BSD anime, took three entire years to premiere. The Season 3 came out in April 12, 2019 after a long break. As of now, there has been no confirmed news of a fourth season.

But, as this television series gathered so much popularity over its three seasons, It is very safe to expect a fourth one.

Our sources tell us that season 4 may come out in 2021 January if there are no halts in its production. Sadly the producers have not released any official statement. If they decide to take a bit more time due to ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this release date can be extended up to 2022.

Bungo Stray Dogs: BEAST The Movie:

BSD Season 4 will also culminate in the form of Bungo Stray Dogs: BEAST The Movie, which is an upcoming Live Action film based upon a light novel named  “BEAST – White Akutagawa, Black Atsushi”. The movie will release some time in 2020 but was delayed due to COVID-19. The light novel was released on March 03, 2018 in limited form along with the normal novel.

The complete form of the novel was released in April 1, 2019. Beast Movie basically generates an alternate universe in which Ryuunosuke Akutagawa joins the Armed Detective Agency while Atsushi Nakajima joins the Port Mafia. Sakunosuke Oda is the leader of Armed Detective Agency while Osamu Dazai is the leader of Port Mafia. Akutagawa tries to free his sister named “Gin” from Port Mafia and fights with the white tiger “Atsushi”.

will there be a bungou stray dogs season 4

Where to stream Season 1, 2 and 3 in English Dub/Subbed?

Amazon Prime is a prime location for streaming BSD Anime. Another popular place is Crunchyroll.

Web sites such as Funanimation also stream Bungo stray dogs television show in high quality results. They have also provided the facility of English Dubbing to help their users.

bungo stray dogs season 4

The Story/Plot till now- Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd season !!!

In season 3, they show a flashback where our hero Dazai(A Port Mafia Agent) is sent to investigate some strange rumors in Suribachi City. There, he comes across Chuuya,  the leader of the Sheep. They have a battle and in the end decide to work together on the orders of Oga Mori.  The floating rumors of “Arahabaki” lead them to a port mafia executive named Randou.

They discover that Chuuya is infact an other world entity closed inside a human vessel. They defeat Randou(The Port Mafia executive who locked Arahabaki inside Chuuya) then we are led to modern times where “Cannabalism” is in effect. Both the Mafia boss and Armed detective agency boss are sick with a virus and if one of them doesn’t die, both of them will die. Thus Mafia and Armed Detective Agency are colliding together.

Eventually it all leads them to Fyodor, who is preparing to destroy everything with a special virus. To foil his attempts they decide to capture him by breaking into the House of the Dead.

It is wise to say that Bungo stray dogs season 4 ,whenever released will be one hell of a masterpiece. It is kind of a shounen anime like Naruto.

bungou stray dogs anime characters

Bungou Stray Dogs Anime Characters:

Stray Dogs anime is basically a dark fantasy anime where our main heroes are supernatural detectives. Kafka Asagiri used real life literary heroes and inculcated them as anime characters.

As the show starts, we see an orphanage where Atsushi Nakajima lives. Weird things are happening in the area and he is believed to be the cause so he is driven out of his home. With no food and no house, he falls into a hopeless darkness and decides to commit suicide. Close to his last breath, he is saved by an eccentric man named Osamu Dazai

He finds that Dazai is a detective with supernatural abilities and he is trying to solve a case.

There is a mystical Tiger, attacking people and the same tiger has caused those events at the orphanage. Atsushi decides to help Osamu in the case. They are joined by another detective named Doppo Kunikida.

The trio comes across secret agencies, life-threatening ventures and American Villians called “The Guild” as they try to delve deeper into the mystery.

Main Characters of the Television Show:

  • Atsushi Nakajima: Named after a popular Japanese author of the 20th Century, he is the protagonist of Bsd Anime who finds himself under Dazai’s care after some unnatural events. He is inspired by the traits mentioned in a book written by the author himself. He was in an orphanage, but supernatural things started happening there. The people grew afraid of him and forced him to go away. He was lost, dying and maddened when Osamu Dazai found him. Together they decided to clear his name by investigating the case. Nakajima has a powerful ability, he can turn himself into a white tiger in moonlight. The tiger has superhuman capabilities and high regenerative powers. One Slash is enough to kill a grown man with ease. In the series, he learns to control his ability to the extent where he can turn any limb into a Tiger limb. This helps him jump higher and increase the team support that he brings to the stray dogs. With a pure and innocent personality, he fights fiercely for his friends and his nakama (Companions). Voiced by “Max Mittelman” and “Yuto Uemura”.
Atsushi Nakajima
  • Osamu Dazai: Another famous name! Osamu Dazai is based on the Japanese literary hero of the 20th Century.  Being a suicidal maniac, he is naturally charming, intriguing, dark and often times downright spectacular. Osamu works for the Armed Detective Agency and helps Atsushi by keeping him close after he is kicked out. Being a nihilistic character,  Osamu believes in the eternal futility of life. His biggest dream is to die. He also dreams of doing this suicide with a beautiful woman. Enigmatic, furious, cunning and intuitive, Osamu Dazai has the ability to negate any supernatural ability he touches with his hand. He is a born leader, but has a heart full of malice. He dislikes authority, even though sometimes he has to bear it. Voiced by “Kaiji Tang” and “Mamoru Miyano”. He plays good Basketball too.
Osamu Dazai
  • Doppo Kunikida: Doppo Kunikida was a Japanese Novelist and romantic poet. The BSD anime character Doppo Kunikida takes inspiration from his namesake. He is the third member of the agency. Kunikida is always writing something and always making plans. He, along with Osamu is the top planner of the trio. He never gets bored of reading and has an interesting supernatural ability of creating things by writing them in his notebook. His ability has some limitations, but otherwise he is fairly skilled even in combat. Pious, industrious and dedicated to his goal, he makes very brief but effective plans which Dazai executes with unprecedented skill. Voiced by “Patrick Seitz” and “Yoshimasa Hosoya”
Doppo Kunikida
  • Ryūnosuke Akutagawa: His character is based on a Japanese author of the same name who existed in the Taisho period of Japan. He is regarded as the father of Japanese Short Story and had a prize named after him. Our anime character here is a former student of Osamu Dazai, and is called the Port Mafia’s “Dog”. He is impeccable in both attack and defense. Akutagawa believes in a black and white society. He believes that the weak should just die, only the strong should survive. He doesn’t care for pain, torture, morality or discrimination. Instead, he takes a steadfast and simple approach to matters. Feared by both allies and enemies, he has a powerful ability called Rashomon. He can use his black coat to summon a black shadow beast and use it for both attack and defense. Akutagawa kills his targets ruthlessly and murders without a single shred of either fear or regret. I would say that after Dazai he is the most interesting character of bungo stray dogs television show.His character gives a certain Demiurge like appeal from Overlord.
  • Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald: Fitzgerald’s character is based upon the American Author F. Scott Fritzgerald, famous for his book “The Great Gatsby”. He is the leader of The Guild, an American agency who places a bounty on Dazai’s head. His power is “The Great Fitzgerald”, which grants him an increase in strength proportional to the amount of money he spends. Even throwing coins off a balcony is sufficient to initiate his power. He is shown to be a relatively stoic character, but his emotional backstory is revealed later on.
BSD anime season 4
F. Scott Fritzgerald

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 Release Date?

Keeping in mind the success of BSD Anime, it is wise to believe that BONES studio will certainly produce a Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4. It would be best to say that Bungo stray dogs season 4 is not a pipe dream!!

Stay Updated here since we will be uploading every new development!!!

bungo stray dogs season 4


1- Will there be a season 4 of Bungou stray dogs?

Although there is no official news yet, it is safe to say that Bungou Stray Dogs season 4 will definitely air in the future. Somewhere in 2021 perhaps. So the answer is definitely a Yes.

2- Is Bungo stray dogs over?

No, Bungo Stray Dogs television show is definitely not over!! We were left at a cliffhanger when the season 3 ended in July 28,2019. Surely, the producers will make a bungo stray dogs season 4.

3- Who is the strongest character in Bungou stray dogs?

Strongest Characters in Bungou Stray Dogs: Osamu Dazai, Fyodor, Chuuya, Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Chuuya will appear again in bungo stray dogs season 4

4- How many seasons are there in Bungou stray dogs?

There are 3 seasons in Bungou Stray dogs right now. The third season ended in July 2019.

5- Why is dazai suicidal?

Dazai is the suicidal leader of the Armed Detective Agency. Dazai Osamu is actually the name of a writer who drowned himself with his beloved. As our hero is based on that character, he portrays dark and suicidal thoughts.

6- Is there romance in Bungou stray dogs?

As far as I have seen, there are no romantic relationships in BSD Anime. However, deep friendships do exist!! Maybe they’ll show romance in bungo stray dogs season 4

7- Is bungou stray dogs going to have a 4th season?

Yes, I think they will go for a bungou stray dogs recap, probably to highlight anime characters. Then they will move onto the last season, namely fourth.

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