Dark Anime : Top 13 Darkest Anime {Best Recommendations}

Dark Anime isn’t just blood and carnage, turns out, this genre has it all!

Murders, Psychosis, Mystery, Thrill, Gothic Haunts, Ghosts, Monsters & People slowly turning into their worst selves……..

Apart from Plot, Animation & OSTs, these are just some of the things we have kept in mind while making this dark animes list…..

So without any further ado, let’s dive right into it…

Dark Anime : The Most Twisted Anime ever to air!


Twisted Anime

MAL Rating: 8.4/10

As the name suggests, “this anime is Perfect”!

Here’s why: The story starts with J Pop Group CHAM, Which has spent the last two years being a top-notch idol group. Unfortunately, it is coming to an end as one of the key members, Mima Kirigoe is leaving the idol industry to chase her acting career.

She’s expecting good support from her fans. However, things take a dark turn after she goes away from the group…

Trying to remove her current Idol image, she takes on a lead role in a crime drama serial. As her work grows more exhausting for her and her manager (Rumi Hidaka), an obsessed pervert tries to stalk her. On the other hand,An anonymous fake website assumes her identity & floods her life with complexities.

The perverted fan refuses to accept that Mima has left her innocent idol image. As if that’s not enough, CHAM appears to be going very well without her.

Slowly, slowly, every disturbing turn drives Mima to become mentally unstable as she fails to separate reality from fantasy.

Being the debut of Satoshi Kon, Perfect Blue portrays a gradual descent into madness and the darker side of the entertainment industry.

Simply put, the exciting storyline, candid animation and realistic image of the truth makes Perfect Blue, an uncanny masterpiece. 95% of Google Users liked the movie while Perfect Blue scored 8/10 on IMDB. Kim Newman of Empire Film Magazine had positive comments on the movie, he was heard saying,”Strange, stylish and intelligent, this is a rare anime film that delivers on its Eastern promise.”

“Nobody cares for you anymore. You’re tarnished and you’re filthy.”  to Mima Kirigoe


Dark anime wallpaper

“Sadistic, Hopeless & Adventurous darkanime”

MAL Rating: 8.8/10

In case you might be asking yourself, Why is a seemingly “Happy Go Lucky” anime in this list…. Then you would be amazed…

This may seem like your normal kids anime with bunnies and stuff, but it is not.

The plot starts at the Abyss, in other words, a wide hole reaching deep into the bowels of Earth. A murderous place full of weird things and ancients from a long gone era. Where did it come from? What is the end of it? Many courageous people have tried to demystify the Abyss. These adventurers called “Divers” are legendary men and women to those who live outside.

Elite Divers are called White Whistles.

Lyza The Annihilator, a white whistle has gone missing and her only daughter Riko wants to be just like her mom. But she is merely a Red Whistle allowed only to the topmost layers of the Abyss. One day, Riko finds a robot who looks like a normal human. He has no memory of anything so she names him Reg. Now Riko and Reg must explore the wild depths of the abyss in search for answers while Bondrewd performs strange experiments in the deep.

Little do they know, what awaits them is a fate worse than death….

Balance defines the characters of this anime. Bondrewd (A White Whistle) especially shows diverse personality attachments.

This dark anime Grabs you by the hook and doesn’t let go till the end. Made in the abyss 2 will soon air.

In other words, Fingers Crossed!!!

“May your journey overflow with curses and blessing.” – Bondrewd

3. MONSTER (Best Dark Anime):

Best Dark Anime

“Monster lives up to its hype, Every time”

MAL Rating: 8.72/10

Dr. Kenzou Tenma is a highly accomplished neurosurgeon who undergoes a small but life changing scenario. One fateful evening, when he is about to perform a life saving procedure on a poor immigrant worker, he is called by the Hospital director to save an elite patient instead. He succeeds in the surgery that he performs on the elite patient, as a result the poor immigrant worker dies. He gets a lot of praise from his fellows, but at the cost of his own conscience.

So when the same event occurs, He decides to perform a life saving surgery on a young boy named Johan Liebert rather than the Town Mayor. As a result., he loses his place in the hospital and everything is taken from him.

Mysteriously the top doctors and the hospital director die soon and administration has to restore Dr Tenma to his position. Since there is no evidence of his involvement, they acquit Dr.Tenma of the trial.

Now, after Nine Years when he saves another life…. A Criminal’s… He faces the boy he had saved. The evil he had unleashed on the world…

His decision comes back to pester him as he must journey to stop the chaos he had created by saving one human life.

Dark anime characters are often portrayed as unstable humans, but here we see the blackness that exists in a stable heart. Monster is one of the darkest anime ever to air! Maybe that is why some people compare it to Naruto Shippuden although both have entirely different genres.

“I Saw Hell Right There In His Eyes. Hell, In The Eyes Of A Living Human Being.”  Johan Liebert


Dark Animes

“Unique & Solid Plotline”

MAL Ratings: 8.63/10

A God of Death is a powerful being capable of killing any human if they see the human’s face & write their name in a small note-book called a Death Note. While eating a red apple, Ryuk, A Shinigami (God of Death) throws his Death Note in the human world. Bored of his work, Ryuk wants to see a human use his Death Note.

Incidentally, the Death Note falls into the hands of a high school student Light Yagami. Fueled by his Ideals, he writes the name of a criminal who dies instantly. Consequently, he realizes the divine power of the notebook and decides to build a Utopian World free of crime and upheaval.

Witness a Battle of wits between Light Yagami and L, a brilliant but eccentric investigator asked by the Japanese Police for help. Light Yagami transcends all Evil Anime Characters you have ever watched!


Dark Anime Characters

“Gruesome & Twisted to the core”

MAL Rating: 8.67/10

Orphans live in the Grace Field House as one happy family. Cared for by their so-called “Mama”, Isabella, the orphans spend all their free time running and bouncing outside. However, they are strictly asked not to go far away from the orphanage. This is strictly forbidden.

Every few weeks, an orphan kid gets adopted by some family and is sent far away. No one hears from the kid afterwards. Not even a letter comes home.

As things go on and on, the three eldest siblings grow paranoid and doubtful about the Grace Field House.

Nevertheless, they will soon unravel the sinister and disturbed reality of their kind Mama. Meanwhile, time is running out fast and innocent lives are at stake….

This dark anime is positively a sizzler!!

“Hey, Mom. Why did you give birth to me?” – Ray


Dark Anime

“What are you living for? That is what Berserk tries to discover”

MAL Rating:8.4/10

The Black swordsman Guts, believed to be born from the dead body of her Oka San (Mother), has spent all his life as a warrior. Trying to find his purpose in life and roaming from battlefield to battlefield, Guts falls upon a strong group of bounty hunters called Band of The Hawk.

Guts’s encounter with the utterly charismatic Band Leader “Griffith the White Hawk” leads him to find a new purpose in life. Henceforth, he decides to serve Griffith as a soldier in the medieval magical world.

With Guts in their army, The Band of the Hawks quickly defeats its enemies…

Soon, Guts would have to realize, the cost of serving another’s lust for power and the fateful sequence of events it will bring into execution…

If you see a berserk episode list, you will find that the first season of the anime (The Only Worth-Watching Season) has only 12 episodes and is not too long. Guts is actually a kind but strong character, this is shown by his treatment of Farnese berserk.

Farnese berserk is not seemingly a romantic interest of Guts but we are made to believe so.

“If you’re always worried about crushing the ants beneath you… You won’t be able to walk.” Guts to farnese berserk


“Now Count Dracula is working with Van Hellsing… What could go wrong?”

MAL Rating: 8.43/10

Hellsing is the name of an organization for whom, the supreme predator of night a.k.a Alucard, works. Run by a strict, unyielding and mature woman, Integra Hellsing, this organization defends London’s sleepers from dark entities. Armies are but a mere child’s play in front of Alucard, since he is a Vampire in addition to being the most powerful of his kind.

So watch Alucard and Integra face destructive threats while keeping their sanity. Threats which endanger the peace & prosperity of an Edwardian London.

While Hellsing Ultimate doesn’t count as a deeply psychological anime, above all, it still shines as a dark anime because of gothic settings and gore. If you want to watch something lightweight yet twisted, Hellsing is a splendid choice.

“To become a monster like me, is to admit you were too weak to remain a human.” – Alucard


edgy anime

“The Best Psychological Thriller”

MAL Rating: 8.40/10

The plot starts in Japan, where a new system of mental and judicial evaluation has been put into action. This mechanism, also called the Sybil System tests individuals for their criminal tendencies (their Psycho Pass). Meanwhile, Inspectors eliminate and examine the people Sybil System classifies as threats.

Old inspectors called enforcers have fallen a prey to corruption as a result of being immune to the system.

On the other hand, a recruit named Akane Tsunemori enters the Inspector Agency and wants to become an inspector. Filled with a high sense of justice, she soon realizes the truth of the dystopian society she lives in. After that, she questions her own sanity and sanity of the human society she lives in.

Can Justice be enforced by Corruption?

If you want to know the answer, watch Psycho-Pass, one of the most edgy anime of our time. Definitely, a splendid dark anime wallpaper material. It also relates to Bungou Stray Dogs in many ways…

“As a leader, you need to learn from the mistakes of others, not your own.” – Akane


deadman wonderland season 2

“The Evil that haunts the Human Race”

MAL Rating: 7.27/10

Story locks on Ganta Igarashi, a normal high schooler on his way to an amusement park “Deadman Wonderland” with his classmates. This special park uses real life prisoners to perform acts and provide amusement for the onlookers. Therefore, Ganta tries to enjoy the whole show as it is happening. However, in a matter of seconds, his classmates are murdered by a mysterious Red Person and Ganta is accused of their murder.

Ganta, now is convicted in the Deadman Wonderland and strives to seek vengeance upon the one who killed his friends.

Most importantly, he is now immersed in a universe of perverts, sadists and criminals with strange powers. He must earn his freedom in Deadman Wonderland and survive in this Nightmare.

Deadman Wonderland Season 2 has not been confirmed yet, on the other hand, the animation of season 1 is pretty solid. Overall, this darkness anime delivers moderate quality content, but with a punch. Many fans await the deadman wonderland season 2 as of now!

“Only frustrated adults and naive kids believe themselves to be special.” – Kiyomasa Senji

10. ELFEN LIED (Twisted Dark Anime):

Darkness Anime

“Engaging, Awesome & Horrific”

MAL Rating: 7.61/10

Elfin Lied is one of those anime for whom I would request you to ignore their MAL Ratings. Firstly, this is a Yandere Fav, topped only by maybe… Mirai Nikki. Secondly, let me tell you the excerpt story so you may judge for yourself. “Diclonius” are special pseudo-human creatures with invisible psychic hands and two horns which contain their telekinetic powers. Lucy is a diclonius abducted by the government to perform experiments on. Crazed by the torture, Lucy breaks free of her prison in a frenzy of blood and gore.

However, while escaping, Lucy suffers an injury to the head, which distorts her personality. She gains two extreme personas, One that is murderous and one that is so gentle, she’s unable to speak. Injured, she is found and rescued by two high schoolers Kouta and Yuka.

As they start living together, their life is turned upside down in the conspiracy world of the government. Lucy is one of the best Dark Anime Girl.

A dark anime worth its salt! That is all I would say folks.

“When you are miserable, you need something that is even more miserable than you to feel good about yourself.” – Lucy


“Never Dissapoints”

MAL Rating: 8.45/10

Simply put, Parasyte the Maxim is a wonderful, twisted anime.

Alien parasites fall from the sky to infect vulnerable humans. Their purpose? Destruction and invasion. Shinichi Izumi, a high school student is also infected, but the parasite fails to take over his brain, living in his right hand instead. Consequently, they form a symbiotic relationship and must work together to survive.

Meanwhile, other parasites think their relationship a problem for parasite species. Battling hostile invaders and saving the ones they love, Shinichi and parasite Migi uncover bonds that might just be unbreakable.

The animation and storyline, both are quite good too. A gritty anime indeed, One of the best dark anime shows.

“Shinichi, upon researching the concept of demons, I believe that, among all life, humans are the closest thing to it.” Migi

12. MIRAI NIKKI (Top Dark Anime)

Shocked Anime

“Blood Curdling darkness anime ”

MAL Rating: 7.64/10

Now this is an another anime for whom I would request you to ignore MAL Ratings. Most Importantly, this anime is another Yandere masterpiece.

Story sets on a sad high school student Yukiteru Amano, who spends his days writing a diary on his mobile phone. He chats with his friends Deus Ex Machina (A guy who calls himself, God of Space and Time) and Murmur (Deus’s Servant). As life goes on, Amano falls into introversion more and more.

One day Deus reveals himself to Amano in real life, showing how he is a real God of Space and Time. He gives him a very powerful Diary (A Random Diary) which shows the future. This Diary causes him to enter a combat with 11 other Diary holders and the winner takes it all.

The winner will become a new God of Space & Time. Hesitantly, he teams up with the enigmatic Yuno Gasai, his stalker and also a diary holder, to face off against incoming threats. But there is a lot he doesn’t know about Yuno…

He is bound for suspense and surprise….

Mirai Nikki is one of the darkest anime ever to air. Full of love, blood and human psychological twists, Mirai Nikki is one hell of a thriller.

After it was taken under the wing of Netflix and it skyrocketed its personality, Yuno Gasai & My Future Diary became brand names for Yandere genre of Anime/Manga. If Yandere genre itself is concerned, Happy Sugar Life, When they Cry and Elfen Lied all transcend Mirai Nikki. However, it must be mentioned that in terms of storyline and overall plot distribution, My Future Diary excels by a rapid margin.a

“A half moon. A bright half and a dark half. Just like me.” – Yuno Gasai


Top Darkest Anime

“Dystopia Unbound!!”

MAL Ratings: 7.76/10

Lux is a city deep into the heart of the Earth. Like all other man made cities, Lux is suffering from crime, evil and unrest. Three different gangs fight for the abandoned city’s control. “Organo” are professionals who collaborate with criminal mafia in order to produce special powered prosthetics called “Texhnolyze”. The Salvation Union is an Anti-Organo faction while Racan is a group of gifted people with Tehnolyze abilities. Racan are wild youngsters.

Our protagonist is Ichise San, a die hard fighter and a prize winner of the alleys of lux. Despite being an orphan he makes a name for himself on the streets as one of the strongest fighters in Lux. After making a fight agent angry, he is attcked and his arm and leg is cut off.

Ichise is saved from a terrible death by Eriko Kamata, a Texhnolyze designing scientist. Ichise starts working for Organo and meets a girl called Ran (She has the texhnolyze ability to see the future). Ran and Ichise discover the impending doom that hounds the city, they must save their home at all costs…

“True Freedom can’t lean on anything, it’s transient, lonely and arduous”.

HAPPY SUGAR LIFE (Honorable Mention):

Dark Anime

“A Dark Anime on the twisted forms of love”

MAL Rating: 6.96/10

Happy Sugar Life is a happy tale. It is a tale of love, its different forms, its possessiveness and the extent of human cruelty that can be called “Love”. In this cutesy looking anime we see the damage that this society does to mental health of its inhabitants. Our protagonist is Satou Matsuzaka, she saw something so twisted while living with her aunt that her concept of love was altered.

She is famous for being a slut among boys, but it all change when she encounters young Shio Koube. Shio is a missing kid with issues of her own. Satou takes Shio under her wings and lives with her in an apartment. The school wrongfully thinks that Satou lives with her aunt.

As she encounters perverts, pedophiles, sexual predators, Schizophrenics and all kinds of psychopaths, something gets triggered in her. She becomes determined to save her Happy Sugar Life using anything and everything. Stopping at no cost, will she undertake a dark path of gore and blood?

“I don’t need to manage my anger, people need to manage their stupidity.” -Satou 



CONCLUSION of the Dark Anime List:

To be frank, there is a lot more that should be mentioned when discussing the darkest anime. Hell, in this day and age, even basketball anime can be turned into a twisted show. So, this list can by no means be called “complete”. In an ocean of the Darkest anime, a top 10 dark anime list is like a good Fisherman’s catch. But, It is guaranteed that you will enjoy and love the Dark Anime Shows on this list. Soon we will make another part of this list to showcase all those honorable masterpieces that were left. For Instance Akame Ga Kill or Hell Girl or even Neon Genesis Evangelion. Till then, Sayonara! And Arigatou!

But wait! Let me treat you guys with an awesome Dark Anime Wallpaper with a link to our updated list of Top 7 Dark Animes.

Dark Animes

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”-   Friedrich Nietzsche

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