Hell Girl Anime (A Brutally Honest Review-2020 Updated) Hell Girl Anime (A Brutally Honest Review-2020 Updated)

Hell Girl Anime (A Brutally Honest Review-2020 Updated)

Hell Girl Anime is a strange tale of vengeance and its outcome. It beautifully expresses the suffering of the human world and how Hell is justified both for the oppressor and the oppressed.

Hell Girl Anime: Ai Enma (Jigoku Shojo)

The story of this dark anime starts with Ai Enma, a girl who forms a pact with the Master of Hell for her parents’ souls. Her duty? She has to serve as the herald of Hell, The Jigoku Shojo, An agent who can banish people to hell when someone with a deep grudge asks her to. However the person who banishes the other to hell must also suffer the same fate once they die.

Twisted and dark right?

Yes, certainly it is so….Over the course of 400 years, Ai Enma does her duty without rest, without emotions and without mercy. Old, Young, Innocents, Sinners….ferrying them all to hell upon request.

Is it okay though? The way her heart trembles when she leads a poor soul to hell? The way she hears screams of people burning in the nether flames? The way her past always comes back to haunt him!

Hell Girl anime is certainly one of the most interesting dark animes out there. It portrays how cruel, gritty and evil humans can be, and why revenge can never be called justice in a true sense. Jigoku Shoujo clashes brutally with the ideology of vengeance and betrayal. Karma always comes around without any regard for position and stature. Such is the rule of this universe and Hell Girl is merely an anime based upon that pretense.

Hell Girl Episodes, Jigoku Shojo

Hell Girl Characters:

1. Ai Enma:

Known as Jigoku Shojo, she bears a dark past in her solid heart. She carries her duty with no emotions which is actually her punishment. The Hell Girl website is the medium used by Ai Enma to contact her clients. Inherently, she isn’t evil, instead she is just one of the poor souls who are bound to face incredible injustice and cruelty until they break. The plot focuses on understanding Hell Girl’s past and ends with Hell Girl understanding her future. Like Hanako Kun, Ai is bound by a divine promise.

2. Wanyudo:

Ai found Wanyudo as a cartweel who had turned into a youkai. Wanyudo decided to travel with Ai Enma and assist her in her mission. He is a kind youkai who also offers advices to those who ask for them.

3. Ren:

The youkai of a sword who decided to travel with Ai. Ren the Eyeball is an expert in vision and surveillance.

4. Honne Onna:

A dead prostitute who turned into a ghost, she scares the hell out of victims in her skeleton form. She also helps Ai Enma in her work.

5. Kikuri:

Kikuri is a young youkai of a little girl. She seems to be 7 years old and her eyes have 3 white orbs or reflections in them. Technically, Kikuri is a vessel for The Master Of Hell, but Kikuri probably doesn’t know about it. She is able to travel to and from the Realm of Eternal Twilight. She mostly does whatever she wants without either logic or regret. Sometimes she may seem unnecessarily cruel to humans.

In season 1, season 2 and season 3 we also see Kikuri and some other Hell Girl characters. We also see certain Human characters with whom Ai seems to have a supernatural relationship. This Dark Anime really does not dissapoint!

Hell Girl Characters


User generated ratings by My Anime List for Hell Girl are 7.66/10 for the first season. The anime occupies a popularity score of “421” on MAL which indeed indicates a very strong reception. This, coupled with the fact that Jigoku Shoujo was renewed for season 3 and season 4 most recently, prove that the story has built for itself a very lasting fan following.


1-Does Hell Girl have a plot?

Yes Hell Girl episodes, although seemingly tedious in the beginning, develop into a plot series in the end. That being said, they are not boring and when the plot-linked episodes come, you are sure to be hooked through an entire emotional roller coaster.

2-What does hell girl say before she kills someone?

She reminds them of their sins and promises them an eternal doom, She also waits for them to confess, but they often do not, then she says: Care to give death a try? Afterwards, she ferries them to hell.

3-How many seasons does Hell Girl have?

It has a total of four (4) Seasons. The first 3 seasons consist of 26 Hell Girl episodes each and the last one has 12 episodes.

4-How did Ai become Hell Girl?

Actually, Ai Enma punished her village burning everyone alive. The master of hell decided to punish Ai by taking her parents’ souls and forcing  Ai to work as the emotionless Hell Girl. If Ai kills anyone else due to her emotions, her parents and she herself will be sentenced to Hell.

5-Is Hell Girl worth watching?

Deeply Philosophical and incredibly eye opening, Hell Girl anime is really a worth watching dark anime. You can watch it on netflix or Amazon Prime any other medium like Crunchyroll or Funanimation. The episodes are of 23 minutes each.

6-How many episodes of Hell Girl are there?

78 episodes have aired as of yet in 3 seasons of Hell Girl.

7-Does Netflix have hell girl?

No, as of Now, Netflix does not provide Hell Girl streaming. Contact Crunchyroll for this.They provide streaming services for anime.

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