Kakushigoto Anime: The Beauty of a Father-Daughter Relationship

Kakushigoto is one of the anime to air in Spring 2020 season. It is of light comedy and slice of life mixed genres. The Japanese translation of Kakushigoto (かくしごと) is “Secret” & “A Work of Drawing”.

Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition:

Koji Kumeta is the author of Kakushigoto Manga, which was published in a Shounen magazine from 2015 to 2020.  At the end of the manga, 12 full volumes had been published. The English publisher of the manga was also Kodansha (Digital Version).

Goto Anime

Kakushigoto Plot & Synopsis :

The story dawns on a loving father “Kakushi Goto“, a manga artist who draws ecchi comedy manga for a living. Kakushi also has a doting daughter named “Hime Goto“. Hime’s mother died a while ago, so she lives with her dad in a small but cheerful house.

Kakushi Goto is afraid to tell her daughter about his real job so he tells her that he is employed in a corporation. He always wears a black suit when departing from the house, changes into casual clothes at a nearby shop then heads to his secret workplace. When coming home, he follows the reverse routine and comes home in a suit to show his daughter that he is a corporate worker.

At his workplace, Goto is surrounded by his assistants and a new lecherous editor. This anime welcomes you to a world filled with light hearted pseudo-realistic comedy and friendship. The familial bonds between Kakushi and his daughter are carefully explored, keeping delicate standards in mind. The story is made interesting with glimpses of future & past and side-stories featuring Kakushi’s assistants/supporting characters.

a father's secret

Artstyle of Goto Anime:

The artstyle of Goto Anime is really modern and edgy. Often times it can be mistaken for digital art, an example is given above. Despite the acute surrealism that surrounds the artstyle, if you view the anime in HD, you will find something precious between the episodes. The long trailing hair of Hime, Kakushi’s mangaka mode, the blazing sceneries et cetera are very detailed and accurate.

The same goes for the manga, But Kakushigoto’s author said,”Don’t read the manga, watch the anime!” This quote shows the treasure entailed in the anime. Many elitists declared the anime as”The best Slice of Life to air this season”.

As for my humble opinion, I think Kakushigoto helped fill a gigantic hole in my heart left after watching 3-Gatsu No Lion (March Comes in Like A Lion). It is also very different from the Dark Anime I usually watch such as Hell Girl or even Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Spring 2020 Anime, Kakushigoto

Kakushigoto Episodes:

It is a very fairly average anime based on number of episodes which are 12. It is a Daddy Daughter Anime too Namely:

  1. Secrets, Wishes
  2. Beach Sandals & B4, Don’t Place, don’t Draw Don’t finish Up
  3. Makeshift Circus, the true state of Manga and Muscles
  4. Normale Namae, Komawari Sketch
  5. Everyone gets their turn in the end
  6. School Rucksack
  7. Inuhoshiki: Dog Wanted, The one who connects Mother & Child
  8. Our Rough Draft, Unfortunate Memories
  9. Your Lie in December
  10. I”S (Izu)
  11. Saishukai: The Last Chapter doesn’t bother her
  12. Hidden Truths


Cast and Voice Actor of Goto Anime:

  1. Kakushi Goto: A sensitive mangaka (Manga Artist) and a doting father. His wife died recently and he has strained reltions with his father in law. Kakushi always tries to be enough for her daughter, a hall mark of single parents. He also doesn’t want his daughter to know his real Job so he keeps it all a secret. He wears suits before leaving home and before coming back to home.
  2. Hime Goto: The intelligent and shy daughter of Kakushigoto, she is very perceptive in many matters. Sometimes her smartness outranks even that of adults. Hime means “Princess”, She is lovely in appearance and cautious in behaviour. Sometimes a stranger (Her Grandfather) drops gifts over to her house, she is also good at keeping a dog. She also plays piano well. She misses her mother sometimes too.
  3. Side Characters: Aogu Shiji, Rasuna Sumita, Ami Kakei, Kakeru Keshi are assistants of Goto Sensei , Satsuki Tomaruin is his new editor while Nadila is an Indonesian immigrant/house worker who occasionally cooks and cleans for Kakushi Goto. The side characters often act as pseudo main characters, supporting Kakushi Goto and his Hime. Tomaruin likes Nadila but is a trashy editor in himself, similarly all assistants have distinct  and diverse personality profiles which lend a unique beauty to the anime. Aesthetics like this, must always be appreciated. This property is common to both 3-Gatsu No Lion, Barakamon and Made in the Abyss.


If like me, you want to see a wholesome slice of life anime with Toradora/3-Gatsu No Lion vibes….Please watch Kakushigoto. You would never regret it. And yes, in this rare case Goto Anime is far better than Kakushigoto Manga. I would call it an Underrated GEM!! Nothing More, Nothing Less!


Kakushigoto secured a My Anime List rating of 8.06/10 which is considered “Very High”. It also ranks up in the “Top 500 anime-ever-to-air” list on MAL. More than 95% Google Users liked the anime and thus Kakushigoto was largely successful as a slice of life aesthetic anime.

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