tales of demons and gods manga


Tales of Demons and Gods Manga (tgd manga or yaoshenji manga) is a fantasy manhua / donghua / Chinese light novel written by the author “Mad Snail”. Chinese name: “发飙的蜗牛” .The story deals in “Demons And Gods Cultivation” sub genre, based on Chinese Mythology, Deities, Immortals, Zodiac and Local Spirits. … Read more

The Last Human Manga

The Last Human Manga (Moshi Fanren Manhua Review)

The Last Human manga (Moshi Fenren) is as a matter of fact a “Manhua” written by a Chinese Author named “Amazing Works”. “Manhua” and “manga” are two different things of the same genre. Manga are usually Japanese Comics published in a magazine with black/white or monochrome pages while Manhua are … Read more


Akatsuki No Yona Manga- {LATEST 2021 UPDATED}

Akatsuki No Yona Manga is a beautiful tale of growth, adventure, friendship and love. The story follows the brave adventure of a young red-haired girl who grows up to become a compassionate leader of an entire nation. Essentially of Shojo genre, Yona of the Dawn manga does show numerous fluttery … Read more


Pokemon Manga (A Review Of Nostalgia and Memories )

Pokemon Manga is Nostalgia personified!! As growing boys and girls, undoubtedly there were many worlds we wished were real. Every other boy wanted to live in Konoha and become a ninja. Girls wanted to be magical girls with the power of the cosmos itself. However, if there was a world … Read more


Pandora Hearts Manga (A Philosophical Review 2021)

Pandora Hearts Manga tells a tale of Regret, anger, frustration, hatred and despair. When we think of what constitutes a happy life,we often think that the repulsive above mentioned emotions would have no place there. Unfortunately, the fate of humankind as a whole is to make mistakes and live with … Read more