Naruto Shippuden Filler List (2020)-The Ultimate Guide Naruto Shippuden Filler List (2020)-The Ultimate Guide

Naruto Shippuden Filler List (2020)-The Ultimate Guide

We have compiled the ultimate Naruto Shippuden Filler List after extensive and careful research. This accurate Shippuden filler list will serve as your true guide if you want to take up the series.

As you all know, Naruto Shippuden is one of the most classic animes in Shounen category. It has all the required elements of an amazing Shounen. A beautiful storyline, emotions, expressions, Hard work Vs Talent debates and some really tragic main characters.

To top it off, the voice actors also did a splendid job of beautifully portraying their characters. Love, Adventure, Truth, Ideals, Villians, Heroes and legendary Friendships all come together to make this anime a real Masterpiece.

list of naruto shippuden episodes

The anime series started in 2007 and is made up of 500 episodes. Naruto Shippuden focuses on Naruto Uzumaki, an eccentric boy with a tragic past who returns to the village of Konoha after two years and a half. Being under the training of Jiraiya Sensei, he has grown far more mature & passionate about saving his friends from unseen threats.

Meanwhile, Akatsuki ( Term means Dawn), a criminal ninja organization, seeks to put their dangerous plans into action. Naruto and his friends must slowly learn the twisted future they are about to face, while the defector Sasuke Uchihalearns something even more sinister under his teacher Orochimaru. These aspects of Naruto Shippuden also make it kind of a Dark Anime, especially the story of Uchiha Family. Madara Uchiha is one of the darkest characters you can find!

Although Shippuden starts after the events of the Original Naruto anime, even a normal watcher can understand the flow because of many flashbacks. However, this is one of the things that make this anime series boring.

For those who have seen the original Naruto, the flashbacks are kind of a pain in the ass. Also, since the anime has consecutive filler episodes, many people don’t want to waste their time on them.

That is why you need a Naruto Shippuden Filler List.

Naruto Shippuden Filler List:

What are Fillers?

Fillers are episodes with almost no connection to the main storyline or plot of an anime. They often provide mere fan-service or simply put, they are there to increase the length and popularity of an anime. For instance, Beach episodes, basketball episodes and School Trip episodes in most animes are actually fillers. Naruto fillers are mostly short mission episodes. 

What are Canon Episodes?

Canon episodes are storyline episodes which are connected to the manga of an anime. A canon episode is the core element of an anime plot. Basically, You don’t wanna miss any Canon Episode as they are very important. Naruto Shippuden canon episodes also link to the manga storyline. Kishimoto is the creator of Naruto Manga.

What are Mostly-Canon Episodes?

These episodes are Canon episodes, but they also have filler components in them. For instance, A school trip episode, which is important to the plot. They make up a small percentage of total episodes in Naruto Shippuden.

Final Naruto Shippuden Filler List:

So basically, Out of 500 episodes of the anime, 202 are fillers. Which means 40.4% episodes of Naruto Shippuden are filler episodes. 

Before starting, here is a step by step guide to watching naruto without fillers:

  1. Watch episode no. 28, then watch from 57 to 71
  2. Then from 91 to 112
  3. Afterwards, watch from 144 to 151
  4. then 170 & 171
  5. Skip all episodes in between, then watch from 176 to 196
  6. Then from 223 to 242
  7. Then from 257 to 260
  8. And episode no. 271
  9. watch from 279 to 281
  10. then from 284 to 295
  11. and from 303 to 320
  12. Finally watch from 347 to 361
  13. then from 376 to 377
  14. Afterwards watch episodes 389 & 390 and from 394 to 413 
  15. Watch episode no. 416 then watch episodes 422 & 423
  16. then from 427 to 450
  17. Watch from 464 to 468.
  18. Finally watch from 480 to 483 and this would be the anime ultimate guide, naruto filler list.

So here is the ordered list of naruto shippuden episodes, classified as Fillers, Canons & Mostly Canons:

No. Of EpisodeTitle of EpisodeType of Episode
1.HomecomingMostly CANON
2.The Akatsuki Makes Its MoveMostly CANON
3.The Results of TrainingMostly CANON
4.The Jinchuriki of the SandMostly CANON
5.The Kazekage Stands TallMostly CANON
6.Mission ClearedMostly CANON
7.Run, KankuroMostly CANON
8.Team Kakashi, DeployedMostly CANON
9.The Jinchuriki’s TearsCANON
10.Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom DragonsCANON
11.The Medical Ninja’s StudentMostly CANON
12.The Retired Granny’s DeterminationCANON
13.A Meeting With DestinyCANON
14.Naruto’s GrowthCANON
15.The Secret Weapon is Called….Mostly CANON
16.The Secret of JinchurikiMostly CANON
17.The Death of Gaara!CANON
18.Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!!CANON
19.Traps Activate! Team Guy’s EnemiesCANON
20.Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!CANON
21.Sasori’s Real FaceCANON
22.Chiyo’s Secret SkillsCANON
23.Father and MotherCANON
24.The Third KazekageCANON
25.Three Minutes Between Life and DeathCANON
26.Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!CANON
27.Impossible DreamCANON
28.Beasts! Alive Again!CANON
29.Kakashi Enlightened!CANON
30.Aesthetics of an InstantCANON
31.The Legacy!CANON
32.Return of the KazekageCANON
33.The New TargetCANON
34.Formation! New Team Kakashi!CANON
35.An Unnecessary AdditionCANON
36.The Fake SmileCANON
39.The Tenchi BridgeCANON
40.Nine-Tails UnleashedCANON
41.The Top-Secret Mission BeginsCANON
42.Orochimaru vs. JinchurikiCANON
43.Sakura’s TearsCANON
44.The Secret of the Battle!CANON
45.The Consequences of BetrayalCANON
46.The Unfinished PageCANON
47.Infiltration: The Den of the Snake!CANON
49.Something Important…Mostly CANON
50.The Picture Book’s StoryMostly CANON
52.The Power of the UchihaCANON
54.NightmareMostly CANON
56.SquirmingMostly CANON
57.Robbed of SleepFILLER
59.A New EnemyFILLER
63.The Two KingsFILLER
64.The Jet-Black Signal FireFILLER
65.Lockdown of DarknessFILLER
66.Revived SoulsFILLER
67.Everyone’s Struggle to the DeathFILLER
68.Moment of AwakeningFILLER
71.My FriendFILLER
72.The Quietly Approaching ThreatCANON
73.Akatsuki’s InvasionCANON
74.Under the Starry SkyCANON
75.The Old Monk’s PrayerCANON
76.The Next StepCANON
77.Climbing SilverCANON
78.The JudgmentCANON
79.Unfulfilled ScreamCANON
80.Last WordsCANON
81.Sad NewsCANON
82.Team TenCANON
83.Target: Locked OnCANON
84.Kakuzu’s AbilitiesCANON
85.Terrifying SecretCANON
86.Shikamaru’s GeniusCANON
87.When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own GraveCANON
88.Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken!CANON
89.The Price of PowerCANON
90.A Shinobi’s DeterminationMostly FILLER
91.Orochimaru’s Hideout DiscoveredFILLER
92.EncounterMostly FILLER
93.Connecting HeartsMostly FILLER
94.A Night of RainFILLER
95.The Two CharmsFILLER
96.The Unseeing EnemyFILLER
97.The Labyrinth of Distorted ReflectionFILLER
98.The Target AppearsFILLER
99.The Rampaging Tailed BeastFILLER
100.Inside the MistFILLER
101.Everyone’s FeelingsFILLER
103.The Four-Corner Sealing BarrierFILLER
104.Breaking the Crystal StyleFILLER
105.The Battle Over the BarrierFILLER
106.Red CamelliaFILLER
107.Strange BedfellowsFILLER
108.Guidepost of the CamelliaFILLER
109.Cursed Seal CounterattackFILLER
110.Memory of GuiltFILLER
111.Shattered PromiseFILLER
112.A Place to Return ToMostly FILLER
113.The Serpent’s PupilCANON
114.Eye of a HawkCANON
115.Zabuza’s BladeMostly CANON
116.Guardian of the Iron WallCANON
117.Jugo of the Northern HideoutCANON
119.Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield, Part 1CANON
120.Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield, Part 2CANON
122.The HuntCANON
127.Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 1Mostly CANON
128.Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2Mostly CANON
129.Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the RainCANON
130.The Man Who Became GodCANON
131.Honored Sage Mode!CANON
132.In Attendance, the Six Paths of PainCANON
133.The Tale of Jiraiya the GallantCANON
134.Banquet InvitationCANON
135.The Longest MomentCANON
136.The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo SharinganCANON
138.The EndCANON
139.The Mystery of TobiCANON
142.Battle of UnraikyoCANON
143.The Eight-Tails vs. SasukeCANON
145.Successor of the Forbidden JutsuFILLER
146.The Successor’s WishFILLER
147.Rogue Ninja’s PastFILLER
148.Heir to DarknessFILLER
150.The Forbidden Jutsu ReleasedFILLER
151.Master and StudentFILLER
152.Sombre NewsCANON
153.Following the Master’s ShadowCANON
155.The First ChallengeCANON
156.Surpassing the MasterCANON
157.Assault on the Leaf Village!CANON
158.Power to BelieveCANON
159.Pain vs. KakashiCANON
160.Mystery of PainCANON
161.Surname Is Sarutobi. Given Name, Konohamaru!CANON
162.Pain to the WorldCANON
163.Explode! Sage ModeCANON
164.Danger! Sage Mode Limit ReachedCANON
165.Nine-Tails, Captured!CANON
167.Planetary DevastationCANON
168.The Fourth HokageCANON
169.The Two StudentsCANON
170.Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage’s Legacy – Part 1FILLER
171.Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage’s Legacy – Part 2FILLER
173.Origin of PainCANON
174.Tale of Naruto UzumakiCANON
175.Hero of the Hidden LeafCANON
176.Rookie Instructor IrukaMostly FILLER
177.Iruka’s OrdealFILLER
178.Iruka’s DecisionMostly FILLER
179.Kakashi Hatake, The Jonin in ChargeMostly FILLER
180.Inari’s Courage Put to the TestMostly FILLER
181.Naruto’s School of RevengeMostly FILLER
182.Gaara’s BondFILLER
183.Naruto: OutbreakFILLER
184.Deploy! Team TentenFILLER
185.Animal DistrictFILLER
186.Ah, the Medicine of YouthFILLER
187.Gutsy Master and Student: The TrainingFILLER
188.Record of the Ninja Gutsy Master and StudentFILLER
189.Sasuke’s Paw EncyclopediaFILLER
190.Naruto and the Old SoldierFILLER
191.Kakashi Love SongFILLER
192.Neji ChroniclesFILLER
193.The Man Who Died TwiceFILLER
194.The Worst Three-Legged RaceFILLER
195.Team 10’s TeamworkFILLER
196.Drive Towards DarknessFILLER
197.The Sixth Hokage DanzoCANON
198.Five Kage Summit’s EveCANON
199.Enter the Five Kage!CANON
200.Naruto’s PleaCANON
201.Painful DecisionCANON
202.Racing LightningCANON
203.Sasuke’s Ninja WayCANON
204.Power of the Five KageCANON
205.Declaration of WarCANON
206.Sakura’s FeelingsCANON
207.The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed BeastCANON
208.As One’s FriendCANON
209.Danzo’s Right ArmCANON
210.The Forbidden Visual JutsuCANON
211.Danzo ShimuraCANON
212.Sakura’s ResolveCANON
213.Lost BondsCANON
214.The BurdenCANON
215.Two FatesCANON
216.High-Level ShinobiCANON
217.The InfiltratorCANON
218.The Five Great Nations MobilizeCANON
219.Kakashi Hatake, the HokageCANON
220.Prophecy of the Great Lord ElderCANON
222.The Five Kage’s DecisionCANON
223.The Young Man and the SeaFILLER
224.The Ninja of BenisuFILLER
225.The Cursed Ghost ShipFILLER
226.Battleship IslandFILLER
227.The Forgotten IslandFILLER
228.Fight! Rock Lee!FILLER
229.Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell!FILLER
230.Revenge of the Shadow ClonesFILLER
231.The Closed RouteFILLER
232.The Girls’ Get-TogetherFILLER
233.Naruto’s ImposterFILLER
234.Naruto’s Favorite PupilFILLER
235.The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko VillageFILLER
236.Friends You Can Count OnFILLER
237.Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade!FILLER
238.Sai’s Day OffFILLER
239.The Legendary Ino-Shika-ChoFILLER
240.Kiba’s DeterminationFILLER
241.Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!FILLER
242.Naruto’s VowFILLER
243.Land Ahoy! Is this the Paradise Island?CANON
244.Killer Bee and MotoiCANON
245.The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine TailsCANON
246.The Orange SparkCANON
247.Target: Nine TailsCANON
248.The Fourth Hokage’s Death Match!CANON
249.Thank YouCANON
250.Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster!CANON
251.The Man Named KisameCANON
252.The Angelic Herald of DeathCANON
253.The Bridge to PeaceCANON
254.The Super Secret S-Rank MissionCANON
255.The Artist ReturnsCANON
256.Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!CANON
261.For My FriendCANON
262.War BeginsCANON
263.Sai and ShinCANON
264.The Secret of the Reanimation JutsuCANON
265.An Old Nemesis ReturnsCANON
266.The First and Last OpponentCANON
267.The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden LeafCANON
269.No-Good WordsCANON
270.Golden BondsCANON
271.Road to SakuraFILLER
272.Mifune vs. HanzoCANON
273.True KindnessCANON
274.The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!CANON
275.A Message from the HeartCANON
276.Attack of the Gedo StatueCANON
277.Unison SignCANON
278.Medic Ninja in DangerCANON
279.White Zetsu’s TrapFILLER
280.Aesthetics of an ArtistFILLER
281.The Allied Mom Force!!FILLER
282.The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!CANON
283.Two SunsCANON
284.The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!FILLER
285.User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand!FILLER
286.Things You Can’t Get BackFILLER
287.One Worth Betting OnFILLER
288.Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!FILLER
289.The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo!FILLER
290.Power – Episode 1FILLER
291.Power – Episode 2FILLER
292.Power – Episode 3FILLER
293.Power – Episode 4FILLER
294.Power – Episode 5FILLER
295.Power – Final EpisodeFILLER
296.Naruto Enters the Battle!CANON
297.A Father’s Hope, A Mother’s LoveCANON
298.Contact! Naruto vs. ItachiCANON
299.The Acknowledged OneCANON
300.The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the MirageCANON
302.Terror: The Steam ImpCANON
303.Ghosts from the PastFILLER
304.The Underworld Transfer JutsuFILLER
305.The VengefulFILLER
306.The Heart’s EyeFILLER
307.Fade into the MoonlightFILLER
308.Night of the Crescent MoonFILLER
309.An A-Rank Mission: The ContestFILLER
310.The Fallen CastleFILLER
311.Prologue of Road to NinjaFILLER
312.The Old Master and the Dragon’s EyeFILLER
313.Rain Followed by Snow, with Some LightningFILLER
314.The Sad Sun ShowerFILLER
315.Lingering SnowFILLER
316.The Reanimated Allied ForcesFILLER
317.Shino vs. Torune!FILLER
318.A Hole in the Heart: The Other JinchurikiFILLER
319.The Living Soul Inside the PuppetFILLER
320.Run, Omoi!FILLER
321.Reinforcements ArriveCANON
322.Madara UchihaCANON
323.The Five Kage AssembleCANON
324.The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered BubbleMostly CANON
325.Jinchūriki vs. Jinchūriki!!CANON
326.Four Tails, the King of Sage MonkeysCANON
327.Nine TailsMostly CANON
328.KuramaMostly CANON
329.Two-Man TeamCANON
330.The Promise of VictoryMostly CANON
331.Eyes That See in the DarkMostly CANON
332.A Will of StoneCANON
333.The Risks of the Reanimation JutsuCANON
334.Sibling Tag TeamCANON
335.To Each Their Own LeafCANON
336.Kabuto YakushiCANON
337.The Izanami ActivatedCANON
338.Izanagi and IzanamiMostly CANON
339.I Will Love You AlwaysCANON
340.Reanimation Jutsu: ReleaseCANON
341.Orochimaru’s ReturnCANON
342.The Secret of the Transportation TechniqueCANON
343.Who Are You?CANON
344.Obito and MadaraCANON
345.I’m in HellCANON
346.World of DreamsMostly CANON
347.Creeping ShadowFILLER
348.The New AkatsukiMostly FILLER
349.The Mask That Hides the HeartFILLER
350.Minato’s DeathMostly FILLER
351.Hashirama’s CellsMostly FILLER
352.The Rogue Ninja: OrochimaruFILLER
353.Orochimaru’s Test SubjectFILLER
354.Their Own PathsFILLER
355.The Targeted SharinganFILLER
356.A Shinobi of the LeafFILLER
357.An Uchiha AnbuFILLER
358.Coup d’ÉtatFILLER
359.The Night of the TragedyFILLER
360.Jonin LeaderFILLER
361.Team 7FILLER
362.Kakashi’s ResolveCANON
363.The Allied Shinobi Forces JutsuCANON
364.The Ties That BindCANON
365.Those Who Dance in the ShadowsCANON
366.The All-KnowingCANON
367.Hashirama and MadaraCANON
368.Era of Warring StatesCANON
369.My True DreamCANON
370.Sasuke’s AnswerCANON
372.Something to Fill the HoleCANON
373.Team 7, Assemble!CANON
374.The New Three-Way DeadlockCANON
375.Kakashi vs. ObitoCANON
376.The Directive to Take the Nine TailsFILLER
377.Naruto vs. Mecha NarutoFILLER
378.The Ten Tails’ JinchurikiCANON
379.An OpeningCANON
380.The Day Naruto Was BornCANON
381.The Divine TreeCANON
382.A Shinobi’s DreamCANON
383.Pursuing HopeCANON
384.A Heart Filled With ComradesCANON
385.Obito UchihaMostly CANON
386.I’m Always WatchingMostly CANON
387.The Promise That Was KeptCANON
388.My First FriendMostly CANON
389.The Adored Elder SisterFILLER
390.Hanabi’s DecisionFILLER
391.Madara Uchiha ArisesCANON
392.The Hidden HeartCANON
393.A True EndingCANON
394.The New Chunin ExamsFILLER
395.The Chunin Exams Begin!FILLER
396.The Three QuestionsFILLER
397.One Worthy As A LeaderFILLER
398.The Night Before the Second ExamFILLER
399.Demon Desert SurvivalFILLER
400.As a Taijutsu UserFILLER
401.The UltimateFILLER
402.Escape vs. PursuitFILLER
403.Unwavering GutsinessFILLER
404.Tenten’s TroublesFILLER
405.The Imprisoned PairFILLER
406.The Place Where I BelongFILLER
407.The Yamanaka Clan: Secret NinjutsuFILLER
408.The Cursed PuppetFILLER
409.Their BacksFILLER
410.The Hidden Plot Set Into MotionFILLER
411.The Targeted Tailed BeastFILLER
412.Neji’s JudgementFILLER
413.Hopes Entrusted to the FutureFILLER
414.On the Brink of DeathCANON
415.The Two MangekyoCANON
416.The Formation of Team MinatoFILLER
417.You’ll Be My BackupMostly CANON
418.The Blue Beast vs Six Paths MadaraCANON
419.Papa’s YouthMostly CANON
420.The Eight Inner Gates FormationCANON
421.The Sage of the Six PathsCANON
422.The Ones Who Will InheritFILLER
423.Naruto’s RivalFILLER
424.To Rise UpCANON
425.The Infinite DreamCANON
426.The Infinite TsukuyomiMostly CANON
427.To the DreamworldMostly FILLER
428.Where Tenten BelongsFILLER
429.Killer Bee Rappuden: Part 1FILLER
430.Killer Bee Rappuden: Part 2FILLER
431.To See That Smile, Just One More TimeFILLER
432.The Loser NinjaFILLER
433.The Search MissionFILLER
434.Team JiraiyaFILLER
435.Order of PriorityFILLER
436.The Masked ManFILLER
437.The Sealed PowerFILLER
438.The Rules or a ComradeFILLER
439.The Child of ProphecyFILLER
440.The Caged BirdFILLER
441.Returning HomeFILLER
442.The Mutual PathFILLER
443.The Difference in PowerFILLER
444.Leaving the VillageFILLER
447.Another MoonFILLER
449.The Shinobi UniteFILLER
451.Birth and DeathMostly CANON
452.The GeniusMostly CANON
453.The Pain of LivingMostly CANON
454.Shisui’s RequestMostly CANON
455.Moonlight NightMostly CANON
456.The Darkness of the AkatsukiMostly CANON
457.PartnerMostly CANON
458.TruthMostly CANON
459.She of the BeginningCANON
460.Kaguya OtsutsukiMostly CANON
461.Hagoromo and HamuraMostly CANON
462.A Fabricated PastMostly CANON
463.The No. 1 Most Unpredictable NinjaCANON
464.Ninshū: The Ninja CreedFILLER
465.Ashura and IndraFILLER
466.The Tumultuous JourneyFILLER
467.Ashura’s DecisionFILLER
468.The SuccessorFILLER
469.A Special MissionMostly FILLER
470.Connecting ThoughtsCANON
471.The Two of Them…AlwaysMostly CANON
472.You Better…Mostly CANON
473.The Sharingan RevivedCANON
475.The Valley of the EndCANON
476.The Final BattleCANON
477.Naruto and SasukeCANON
478.The Unison SignMostly CANON
479.Naruto Uzumaki!!Mostly CANON
480.Naruto and HinataFILLER
481.Sasuke and SakuraFILLER
482.Gaara and ShikamaruFILLER
483.Jiraiya and KakashiFILLER
484.The Exploding HumanMostly CANON
485.ColiseumMostly CANON
486.FuushinMostly CANON
487.The KetsuryuganMostly CANON
488.The Last One.Mostly CANON
489.The State of AffairsMostly CANON
490.Dark CloudsMostly CANON
491.RecklessnessMostly CANON
492.Cloud of SuspicionMostly CANON
493.DawnMostly CANON
494.Naruto’s WeddingMostly CANON
495.A Full-Powered Wedding GiftMostly CANON
496.Steam and Food PillsMostly CANON
497.The Kazekage’s Wedding GiftMostly CANON
498.The Last MissionMostly CANON
499.The Outcome of the Secret MissionMostly CANON
500.The MessageMostly CANON

Boruto :Naruto Next Generations, comes after the events of this show while It is preceded by “Naruto” kids Shounen Anime. We wil soon make an anime filler list for both of them. Since Boruto is also a Shounen anime, it reminds me vaguely of Pokemon ,I do not know why….

Boruto starts with the kid of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. Boruto, like his father is a willful child with a strange knack for trouble making. Joining him on his adventures are Mitsuki (Orochimaru’s artificially created son) and Sarada(Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter). As nostalgia mixes up with adventures, Boruto and his friends uncover a deadly secret which threatens the very integrity of their whole shinobi world!!

The epitome of Boruto came with his fight with Momoshiki. Sasuke, Naruto and Boruto all joined forces with the 5 Kages of Shinobi world and fought a high class Kami-Level threat named Momoshiki who was a relative of Kaguya. Naruto Shippuden and Boruto will never fail to amaze you.

Anyhow Happy Watching Everyone!!! Dattebayo!

shippuden filler list



1- What episodes are the fillers in Naruto Shippuden?

Answer: “Watch episode no. 28, then watch from 57 to 71, Then from 91 to 112. Afterwards, watch from 144 to 151. then 170 & 171. Skip all episodes in between, then watch from 176 to 196. Then from 223 to 242. Then from 257 to 260. And episode no. 271.Watch from 279 to 281, then from 284 to 295, and from 303 to 320. Finally watch from 347 to 361, then from 376 to 377. Afterwards watch episodes 389 & 390 and from 394 to 413. Watch episode no. 416 then watch episodes 422 & 423, then from 427 to 450.Watch from 464 to 468. Finally watch from 480 to 483


2- Should I skip Naruto Shippuden Fillers?

Answer: ” Yes you should skip most of naruto shippuden filler episodes but you should see some of the important Fillers as given in the anime filler list above.”


3- Can I skip Naruto Fillers?

Answer: ” Yes, you most certainly can, The Naruto Shippuden Filler List above will assist you. Naruto Without fillers is a blessed naruto.”


4- What does Shippuden Mean?

Answer: “In Japanese language the word Shippuden means Hurricane. Naruto term itself means Storm or Maelstrom. Naruto Shippuden sets in the season of Chunin Examinations.”


5- Is Naruto Filler worth watching?

Answer: “To be frank, some Naruto filler are worth watching but most of them are just fan service. Naruto shippuden filler episodes are kind of dull and boring“.


6- Where is the Naruto Shippuden Filler List?

Answer: “You can find a good Naruto Shippuden Filler list on our website up above. This anime Filler list will properly help you. It is very carefully composed and consists of all episodes with their type and their Episode Numbers, This may be one of the best Naruto Shippuden episode List out there.”


7- How to watch naruto shippuden without fillers?

Answer:”The Naruto filler list given on top is an ultimate option that can help you. Naruto is not one of the dark animes but it has aspects of  such genres.”

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