No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date & Plot (NGNL season 2)

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date & Plot (NGNL season 2)

No Game No Life Season 2 (NGNL Season 2) has been awaited by fans all around the world for a long time. No Game No Life (Japanese: ノーゲーム・ノーライフ) is an anime produced by Madhouse Studios, which is based upon a light novel of the same name. The light novel uses Media Factory as its publisher in Japan & Yen Press as Publisher in America. It is still ongoing.

No Game No Life Season 2 (NGNL Season 2):

The latest we heard of NGNL was on July 15, 2017. A movie titled “No Game No Life: Zero” released its wrath upon cinemas all around the world and was met with a very high reception. Keeping in view the latest news, we are very positive that a “s2” is in production. Details are available in the subsection.

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No Game No Life Plot (Game of Life Anime):

MAL Ratings: 8.28/10

NGNL is an Isekai Romantic Comedy anime that explores the strong will power that Humans only possess. Sora and his step-sister Shiro are two hikikomori (Someone who only plays games or watches anime and stays at home, never getting out of their house, Also known as NEET ) who are game masters behind the legendary player account “Blank”. For them, the real world is just a bad game, a game of choices.

One day the two NEETs receive an email which invites them to a match of Chess. The gamer duo accepts the challenge and end up being transported to a different dimension. There they meet “Tet” the God of Games and Fun who invites them to “Disboard“, a realm where everyone resolves conflicts by a match of gaming.

Disboard has an interesting wager system, players must wage something precious before a match and the winner takes it all!! It is a place that seems to be made just for risk takers like Sora & Shiro.

The new world is bound by many rules. No Life No Game is such a rule which is applied when players wager their very lives on a match. The loser forfeits the right to play any other game and is erased from existence itself. No Life No Game rule ensures that even the highest stakes are entertained.

Finally finding their reason for existence, Sora & Shiro work to defeat Tet and unite the 16 Races of Disboard.

Like Bungou Stray Dogs, this anime too has a very diverse character set.

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No Game No Life Characters: 

  • Sora: An eighteen years old boy genius who excels at strategy development & cold reading (Getting information by examining a person’s attire, body language etc. It is a technique usually used by Mentalists and Psychics. Sora works along with his sister to form the strategist of their team (Codename Blank). After the death of his parents, he decided to take care of his sister and thus both of them became Agoraphobic (Fear of unsafe environment). Sora suffers from anxiety and panic attacks if he is not close to his sister since she was all that he ever had. Voiced by Scott Gibbs and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.
  • Shiro: An eleven years old prodigy with control of Logical derivations and Calculation Algorithms. Shiro was taken care of by her brother Sora ever since their parents died. Since she was always coddled, she develops a personality of Agoraphobia like his brother. She too suffers from panic disorder if her brother is not with her. Shiro and Sora decide that they would take the undefeated status of their username BLANK to their graves . Thus, they challenged even the very God of Disboard, “Tet“. Voiced by Caitlyn French & Ai Kayano.

no game no life season 2 release date

No Game No Life: Zero (The Movie):

MAL Ratings: 8.43/10

On July 2017, Madhouse studios launched No Game No Life s2 Movie named “Zero”. It basically was a prequel 6000 years before the events of Sora & Shiro. In the prehistoric times of Disboard, Mankind is on the verge of extinction due to weakness. Riku is an angry human warrior who wants lasting peace between the 16 nations fighting for the title of the Supreme God so they would stop hunting mankind.

While rummaging through a region, he finds a female Ex-Machina whom he calls Schwi. Schwi was run out of her home because she believed that humanity has survived up to this point due to their emotions. Riku and Schwi find an unlikely ally in each other and thus go against all 16 nations to protect humankind and understand their boiling emotions.

Zero Movie Characters (NGNL Anime): 

  • Riku: Riku is a young boy who comes across a female Ex-Machina (A machine like powerful entity) that was disconnected from its race’s central computer. It was because her efforts to understand human emotions made no logical sense to the machines so they threw her out. In the beginning, Riku does not want to help her, but when she challenges him to a chess game, he accepts. Naturally, he loses to the frightening power of a machine, but realizes what he had been lacking. Riku makes a pact with the lady machine to teach her human emotions and in return she would help him save humanity. Voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • Schwi: Schiwi is a former Ex-Machina who worked on a project to understand human emotions and thought process since machines, especially The Hive Mind could not understand this so they kicked her out. Riku names her Schwi from the German name Schwazer which means “BLACK”. She has black hair. Voiced by Ai Kayano.


why is no game no life discontinued

The Movie received a mad amount of good Reviews. Over 97% Google Users found the movie up to the mark. It was called a massive tear-jerker and scored 7.5/10 on IMDB. The movie scored a high profit margin of 2,800,000$ and sold over 40,000 Blu Ray HD copies.

The Anime managed to secure a massive fan base which has spawned more than a decade. The MyAnimeList score of NGNL is 8.29/10, a very high score indeed. Also it is ranked in top 300 Anime-OF-All-Time list on the same platform. Another proof of NGNL’s massive popularity is its 9th position in MAL Popularity rankings.

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Is There A Season 2 To No Game No Life?:

Right Now, there is no season 2 for NGNL Anime. However, our sources claim that a season 2 is very much in production since Madhouse has also renewed Overlord. The earning potential of NGNL season 2 is far more than Overlord Season 4 or Kenja No Mago season 2, thus Madhouse would be positively “MAD” if they do not formulate another season of this golden anime.

While this all is being said, the official no game no life season 2 release date has not been announced yet, but ever since the movie release Madhouse and their team has hinted at an upcoming sequel.

A Season 2 is very sure due to the following Reasons:

1. No Game No Life Sources:

  • The Light Novel of NGNL is still Ongoing and Yuu Kamiya (Author) has published 10 Volumes as of now.
  • The story upto 6th Volume has been covered in the Anime + Movie, so 4 Volumes are left for s2.
  • The Manga has released 2 Volumes, and is also still Ongoing.
  • The Film by Sentai Filmworks namely NGNL Zero had a massive succes both in USA and Japan.

2. Profit Generated By No Game No Life Franchise:

  • Approximate production cost of NGNL seems to be up to 3,000,000$.
  • 6 disks of Blu-Ray were released in Japan, each one of them produced 9000 sales. Animes which have over 10,000 sales in Blu Ray are usually renewed. Moreover the Movie sold 40,000 Blu-Ray copies 
  • The 9th Volume generated 160,000 further copies while the most recent 10th Volume produced 170,000 copies. 9th Vol. was released on 25th of August in the year 2016.
  • The Merch sale is going very well too. 6 new figures were released this year while even after 3 years, anime figurines of no life no game are still being produced. I do not think that the company will give up so much profit so easily.
  • The Movie produced 2,800,000$ approximately in Profit.

3. Fanbase of NGNL Anime:

  • The Official Twitter acount  has 122,400 followers and 2700 tweets in the past days.
  • More than 348,000 people search for No Game No Life every month.
  • In total, there are 4,800,000 copies of the light novel as of now. More copies are being published for 2020.

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Conclusion of No Game No Life Season 2:

A season 2 of this awesome anime is just a matter of time now. Some people give examples of Accel World and that no Accell World season 2 was ever produced but let’s not talk about exceptions. Anime which have such long-standing fan bases almost always have sequels. If you disagree, you can see Naruto Shippuden. There is a Boruto Naruto Next Generations sequel going on.

Similarly dark anime like Hunter X Hunter and even Bungou Stray Dogs are also being renewed for their respective seasons. This all critique gives a strange hope that NGNL season 2 will definitely air. In addition to logic, our claim is supported by hints given by both Madhouse Studios and Sentai Filmworks.

The apparent delay in Manga and Light Novel release is because the author has been suffering from some illness. Well sickness is a fate one can not avoid. Kadokawa most probably wants to spend money on renewal but the illness of main author may have thrown some wrench in the works. None the less, we fans are hoping to see the 11th Volume in 2020 and season 2 of this game no game no life in 2021. It is wise to say that with such a high Fan Base, No Game No Life is like a Golden Goose, if it is not killed, it will continue to lay Golden Eggs for time imemorial.



1- Will there ever be no game no life Season 2?

Yes, as mentioned above no game no life 2 may see an early release in 2022 or the end of 2021. None the less, it is certain that something is in production even now. The source material for a season 2 is already available in form of 5 wholesome Light Novel Volumes.

2- Why is no game no life discontinued?

No Game No life has not been discontinued yet, instead due to illness or writer’s block, the author has delayed  the 11thVolume of no game no life novel. The anime fared well but seemed to be under a hiatus for the past 3 years.

3- Where can I watch No Game No Life Season 2?

You can easily find the dubbed version on both Chrunchyroll and Amazon. Funanimation is also a good place for streaming no game no game. Also Netflix has taken up NGNL Anime and you can watched both English dubbed and Japanese with English subtitles versions there. Even the movie is availabe for streaming on Netflix.

4- How does no game no life end?

#SPOILER ALERT! The end was this, Blank team wins the last game and gains control of the Warbeast territories from Eastern Federation. Now they meet with the Shrine Priest of Eastern Federation to discuss their terms of rule. They are closer to defeating Tet. This game no life successfully captures their drama moments in an iconic way.

5- Are Shiro and Sora blood related?

No, Sora is the elder brother and Shiro is the Step sister of Sora. Sora’s bioogical Oto San (Father) married Shiro’s Mother. After the death of their parents, the two step-siblings turn into NEETS. But both work hard for their gaming team called Blank. They are summoned by Tet , The God of fun and Games to outperform him in a magical world called Disboard.

6- Was no game no life canceled?

No, No Game No Life season 2 is expected soon so it was really not cancelled. Instead a recent film came in 2017 July. If you ask, will no game no life continue? I think most definitely yes, no life would in fact continue. No game no life s2 has been encountering a hiatus for the past 3 years but life seaon 2 would break that hiatus hopefully in 2021 or 2022.

7- Why does no game no life only have 12 episodes?

Two reasons, Unfinished source material and HUGE PRODUCTION COSTS. Even No game no life 2 is expected to be of 12 episodes only, each of 24 min. Life seaon 2 would probably have huge production costs too. This renders making high quality anime quite impossible and thus, limited budget can only produce 12 episode animations. The aspect of animation which is most required is the CGI and CGI is also the most costly stuff.

8- Is No Game No Life: Zero on Netflix?

Game of life anime and its movie are both present on Netflix. You may stream them on Amazon prime too.

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