Overlord Season 4- Everything You Need To Know! (2021 Updated)

Overlord Season 4- Everything You Need To Know! (2021 Updated)

Yukie Sugawara (the scriptwriter of Overlord Anime) said that an Overlord Season 4 was highly likely. For those who do not know, Overlord is a dark fantasy, isekai anime series based on a light novel of the same name.

Overlord Season 4- Complete Details:

Before talking about Overlord season 4 release date, let us take a peak at the franchise itself.

Overlord Plot Summary:

Kugane Maruyama wrote the light novel of Overlord back in 2010.

The year is 2126, and our story follows Momonga, a human player in an online game called YGGDRASIL. Yggdrasil’s final server is being shut down at 12:00 AM and Momonga is roaming his guild, a dungeon that he and many of his online friends helped make.

Their Guild called “Ains Ool Gown” was one of the best guilds YGGDRASIL had ever seen. Feeling nostalgic, Momonga scouts the dungeon(Nazarik) with a sad remembrance. He turns to the NPCs (Non Player Characters) that his friends created and registers himself as the Guild Leader of Ains Ool Gown. At one time, his guild used to have over 41 players but now he is the last member.

As time passes after 12:00 AM, the game he is in does not seem to shut down. Slowly he realizes that he has been trapped in form of his character in YGGDRASIL. Now, Momonga has a skeletal appearance and in terms of game class, he has become an undead Lich permanently.

After he explores the surroundings, he finds that he has been taken to a separate magical world in the form of his game character and no matter how hard he tries, he never seems to get emotional. All NPCs gather around him to proclaim him as the sole Overlord of Nazarick.

Finally, He takes on the name of Ains Ool Gown to honor his friends and sets at work, exploring the new environment. Essentially the Overlord anime classifies as one of the best isekai Dark Animes.

Overlord Anime Season 4

Overlord Season 4 Release Date:

As Yukie Sugawara revealed, there is a very high chance that a season 4 will air soon. He told this to the AnimagiC magazine in 2019, Germany. Since studio Madhouse adopted the anime and So-Bin illustrated it, we have a good chance of another season, as both are famous for their “sequel productions”.

That being said, no official date has been released yet by the show producers, but a press release is expected at the end of year 2020. For now it is safe to say that Overlord may be renewed in 2021 for a season 4.

Latest news is that overlord twitter handle has featured an event on My 08, 2021 where it is highly probable that overlord anime season 4 will be announced to the public. Details of the event are as follows:

Overlord Season 4 release date

What to Expect?

Overlord Season 3 ended with Ains taking over the country as its new ruler while hidden forces wanted to usurp his power. In the next season, Ains will have to manage an entire country. The pressure on Albedo and other members of Great Tomb of Nazarick will increase significantly.

Demiurge will be handling state management most probably. Sebas will continue to be an undercover character and Ains will play the role of Momon The Hero from time to time, in order to play tricks on the masses.

Where to Watch?

You can watch all 3 seasons of Overlord Anime on Funanimation & Crunchyroll. As an Anime, Overlord secured the highest popularity of its 3 seasoned career in the third season. Although it is to be noted that the fans were grossly dissapointed by the animation quality especially the well-awaited Shubb-Niggurrath scene where baby devil goats tread all over the human army. All in all, the scene seemed oddly playful and light but in reality, it was supposed to be a lot darker.

Where to Read?

You may also read the light novel on authorized sites such as Amazon etc.

Overlord 4

Cast and Characters:

  • AINS OOL GOWN: Momonga identifies himself as the Great Ains Ool Gown in order to honor his forgotten friends who eventually preferred real life over the game. Ains Ool Gown is the overlord of Nazarick, he isn’t that much wise but he is powerful in battle. He does not show high motivation himself. Rather, we see Ains being driven by his loyal followers into claiming an entire kingdom for himself. Ains care for his subordinates like his friends, that is why he rescues Shaltear Bloodfallen when she loses her memory.
  • SHALTEAR BLOODFALLEN: Shaltear Bloodfallen is a vampiric NPC created by Momonga’s friend and comrade Peroroncino. She loses her memory and eventually Ains has to kill her and resurrect her again.
  • AURA & MARE: Aura and Mare are twin Dark Elves NPCs created by Bukubukuchagama.
  • PLEIADES: A group of Maid NPCs that work in Nazarik and were created by different members of guild.
  • SEBAS: A high powered Butler NPC created by Touch Me.
  • PANDORA’S ACTOR: A clown-like NPC created by Momonga himself.
  • COCYTUS: An Icy warrior NPC made by Takemikazuchi.
  • DEMI URGE: A frog demon NPC created by Ulbert Alain. He is the most intelligent NPC.
  • ALBEDO: Albedo is the chief coordinator of Nazarick. She is a dark succubus virgin NPC created by Tabula. She is in love with Ains Ool Gown.

All the other characters in overlord are fun in their own way, one thing this anime focuses upon is salvaging the character traits of its components, much like the Basketball anime Ahiru no Sora.

Season 4 Overlord
The Pleiades Maids


Will there be overlord Season 4?

Yes, there would be an Overlord Season 4, it may come out in Winter 2020 or in 2021. But there has been no official announcement of this. It may also be delayed.


Was Overlord Cancelled?

No Overlord was not cancelled. In fact the wait for a new season continues. Fingers Crossed!!! Overlord Anime season 4 has no confirmed release date as of yet.


What will happen in Overlord Season 4?

Ains will handle management of the new country, his followers and NPCs will have to work harder in state affairs. Albedo may start training Lich soldiers to become officers for the Great Tomb Of Nazarick. Overlord Anime season 4 will definitely give us a surprise. Hope they confirm the release date soon.


Does albedo betray AINZ?

No, Albedo is in love with Ains Ool Gown. Hence Albedo can never betray Ainz. Since Overlord Season 4 announced, many people are making such ridiculous conjectures.


Does AINZ die?

No Ainz does not die. Gargantua is under direct control of Ainz, if Ains were to die, Gargantua will definitely eliminate the entire world.


Is anyone stronger than AINZ?

Technically speaking, both Shaltear and Rubedo(Sister of Albedo) are much stronger than Ainz but since they do not have much items or battle experience, Ains can easily take them down. An overlordseason4 may draw the curtain on the high powers of Rubedo.


Does albedo get pregnant?

Spoiler Alert! Albedo will get pregnant with the son of Ains Ool Goan. Ains can use the ring of Desire stars to make this happen even if he does not do it himself. WELL WE DO WANNA SEE AINZ’S KID…DON’T WE? I wonder if he or she would be an undead type or a succubus type or a dark maiden type.


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