Pandora Hearts Manga (A Philosophical Review 2021)

Pandora Hearts Manga (A Philosophical Review 2021)

Pandora Hearts Manga tells a tale of Regret, anger, frustration, hatred and despair. When we think of what constitutes a happy life,we often think that the repulsive above mentioned emotions would have no place there. Unfortunately, the fate of humankind as a whole is to make mistakes and live with them. So, anyone who believes that the ideal life is one without sadness will never fulfill his wish.

Pandora Hearts (Japanese: パンドラハーツ) is written by Jun Mochizuki and illustrated by Mochizuki Jun. It is a Japanese manga shōnen series. It is serialized vehemently in GFantasy Monthly in May 2006 to March 2015. Square Enix published bound volumes.

Pandora Hearts Manga Review:

Overall: 9.1/10

Art: 8.9/10

Is it possible for beauty to exist in tragedy? A man sacrificing his life for his lover? It is sad, but it is beautiful, isn’t it?Pandora Hearts Manga is just that. It is tragic, but in its way the tragedy, conspiracies, and anguish give rise to something not necessarily happy but quite beautiful.

Pandora Hearts Manga

Pandora Hearts Story:

The story of Pandora Hearts takes inspiration from Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The madness, uncertainty and unease depicted in the classic are on full display in the manga. Inexplicable things happen. It makes both the reader and characters question themselves. However, there is method in this madness.

The story twists itself many times, leaving viewers in awe, but every time that happens, it is either foreshadowed in the past or explained convincingly in the future. It is usually Dark!

Artwork of the Manga:

The art is in complete sync with the story. At first, it seems cheery and even overly happy with many describing the manga having a “pretty boys” syndrome, but just like the story that is just a facade. As the tale progresses and further reveals more, the art also takes a wild turn as if it finally revealed its true self. It especially makes re-reading worthwhile as you feel, how false and fake the early art was and how it hid the true story.

Pandora Hearts Manga

Pandora Hearts Characters:

There is a vast array of characters. The cast as a whole certainly has variety with fluctuating personalities and ideals. There is one common theme, to me at least, and that is of regret and acceptance. Gilbert only wanted to remain a loyal servant, but he had to come to terms with his past. Oz desired nothing but to go on with life without being hurt or indeed without feeling. However, he remained unable to maintain his outward demeanor when he had to face the reality in front of him.

Every character in this manga changes in one way or the other whether they themselves change or our interpretations of them change. There are no archetypes here but genuine humans with genuine problems.

The common thread linking all aspects of the story together is the simple theme of “We all make mistakes, we all have struggles, but we are NOT our mistakes, we are NOT our struggles. We are here now and we have the ability to define our present and future.” In this theme it relates to Bungou Stray Dogs too.

Pandora Hearts Manga

The Beauty of Tragedy:

The characters go through many hardships. Some have to come to terms with their mistakes, while others even have to question their very existence. Just like the world we live in, it is hard. It is hard to recognize what you did wrong ,let alone fix it. Confronting your past deeds usually takes a lot out of you and you might not remain the same afterwards.

Everyone in this manga goes through this phase. But they do it, After suffering, crying and being sucked into the vortex of despair, having lost what they value as precious, they live for another day still optimistically smiling for a better future. The Anime of Pandora Hearts also classifies as a Dark Anime.

Alas!! The Beauty of Tragedy!


Pandora Hearts scored 8.62/10 on my anime list, gathering a popularity score at top 35th position and ranking at top 75th position. It was largely successful.


1- Is Pandora Hearts manga good?

Overall Pandora hearts manga is one of the best you can find! The story is beautifully elaborated, the characters are deep and realistic and you would love how it all comes together in the end.

2- How many books are in Pandora Hearts?

There are Twenty Four(24) Books in Pandora Hearts. These are called Tankobon.

3- Is Pandora Hearts bl?

No, No, Pandora hearts is not BL. I can surely say that Pandora Hearts is not Yaoi.

4- Who dies in Pandora Hearts?

Eliot, Humpty Dumpty, Fang and Oscar die in Pandora Hearts.

5- Should I read Pandora Hearts?

Yes, you definitely should read Pandora Hearts. It will be a life-changing experience for you!

6- Has Pandora Hearts good art style?

Only the best!! Pandora Hearts has a Shoujo Manga like art style which in itself is far too unique. Although this sparkling art style does bear a striking resemblance to the queen of Shoujo namely, Akatsuki No Yona.

Also It would be best to mention that the backgrounds have been drawn by a separate illustrator, thus they lend modernistic charm to a vintage looking series.

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