Pokemon Manga (A Review Of Nostalgia and Memories )

Pokemon Manga (A Review Of Nostalgia and Memories )

Pokemon Manga is Nostalgia personified!! As growing boys and girls, undoubtedly there were many worlds we wished were real. Every other boy wanted to live in Konoha and become a ninja. Girls wanted to be magical girls with the power of the cosmos itself.

However, if there was a world in which both girls and boys including myself wanted to live in, what else it could be other than the world in which we befriend, tame, battle and live with the cultural and social phenomena called Pokemon.

Pokemon Manga:

Pokemon has spawned myriads of different adaptations, including an anime, spin off games and many manga series. We are all familiar with the anime and games, but one thing most people outside of Japan aren’t aware of, is the Pokemon Adventures or Pokemon Special manga.

This manga is truly special.

For fans like me who were disenfranchised by the anime and its repetitive story telling, this was not only the best pokemon story ever but one of the best shonen manga ever.

Pokemon Manga
Pokemon Manga

Pokemon Manga Story:

In this story, we follow multiple generation of trainers in different settings. We start with Red, the hot blooded boy wanting to become the champion of the Kanto, to X, the prodigy child who became severely depressed due to an incident which lead him to quit pokemon as a whole. The different stories in different regions are interconnected with one another. It follows a format similar to Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure.

We journey from the familiar plains of Kanto to the mountains of Unova.

What makes the manga special is its portrayal of the world. Pokemon, unlike in the anime or games, are not just sports or games to play they are a part of this world’s daily life style. Pokemon are used for comedy shows, as actors, as guards, as models and for exploration. They aren’t machines used for battle. They are something more, something Alive! And far more Dark!

Not only that, just like in the real world pokemon are captured, abused, experimented upon and even killed. This is the world we had seen as children playing the games in our Game boys.

Pokemon Manga
Pokemon Manga Characters

Pokemon Manga Characters:

Our protagonists are also very unique and have different goals from each other.One wants to he a pokemon champion, one wants to literally just have fun roaming throughout the region. Another one wants to win contests and hates fighting and even one of them is a psychologically abused child who seeks refuge from her upbringing in pokemon.

The villains are also excellently portrayed.They aren’t evil for the sake of evil. In the manga, by my count at least five of the major villains we have seen were actually proven to be right. Global issues such as environmentalism, climate change, slavery and human nature are explored. Much like Pandora Hearts isn’t it?

The battles themselves aren’t child friendly little skirmishes, they are actual battles. Most trainers opt to literally kill the enemy trainer as that is the most efficient strategy. More than one pokemon is sent at a time making the fights much more complex and rather than some simple type advantages deciding everything.

Basically original Pokemon is rather like a Dark Anime.
Inspite of all that, pokemon adventures is child friendly. Rather, it is universal in its appeal. Both Children and Adults will have a good time reading the series and exploring the world. The settings and the characters are also extremely relatable. They are, in a sense, us, not in a self insert way but in a relatable manner.

Pokemon Manga
A Pokemon being skewered to death in the manga

The Truth:

They are boys and girls like us who get to explore this fantastic and dream like place inhabited by otherworldly beasts. The series also does not shy away from romance as themes like love and rejection are also shown in a child friendly way. Not only boys, but girls as well will feel connected to the story as this is one of the very few shounen who has strong female characters whom are actually done right.

For younger fans of the franchise, it feels like seeing another side of the pokemon world which you have never seen before and for older fans it is like having your old childhood dream realized.


Originally published on July 8, 1997, Pokemon Manga was met with a high stake reception. Over 95% of Google Users liked the manga and thus it is continuing to this date with 53 Volumes. The Japanese publisher of manga is Shogakukan and English Publisher is Viz Media.


1- Is there a Pokemon Manga?

Yes, there is a Pokemon Manga by the name of Pokemon Adventures. It is kind of dark though.

2- Is the Pokemon Adventures Manga Good?

Certainly, the Pokemon Adventures manga is seemingly far better than the anime. Unique and realistic storylines are some of the things only manga contains.

3-Is Ash in the Pokemon Manga?

Yes Ash plays a lead role in The Electric Tale of Pikachu, a manga based on Ash’s Adventures.

4- Is Pokemon Adventures dark?

Yes, with scenes such as an Arbok being killed by being cut in half…Pokemon Adventures surely is far more darker!

5- Is yellow a boy or girl Pokemon?

Yellow is female, but likes to disguise herself as male

6- Who is N?

N is our main antagonist of Black and White/ Unova Region Arcs. N initially loves pokemon but he is driven by people to madness so he decides to punish humans for trying to imprison and endanger Pokemon. N is technically a Humanist. N kind of resembles the character Su Won from Akatsuli No Yona in his idealism.

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