Tales of Demons and Gods Manga (tgd manga or yaoshenji manga) is a fantasy manhua / donghua / Chinese light novel written by the author “Mad Snail”. Chinese name: “发飙的蜗牛” .The story deals in “Demons And Gods Cultivation” sub genre, based on Chinese Mythology, Deities, Immortals, Zodiac and Local Spirits.

As a webcomic, Jiang Ruotai drew the series and Tencent Comics were editors since 2015.  Coconut Games also developed A cultivation game based on the manhwa. You can find it on Google Play.

Tales of Demons And Gods Manga:

It is a long running Manhua that is currently on Chapter 326. Chinese Manhuas usually do not get this much fame on a global scale however, tgd manga managed to secured a global audience for itself. Translations are issued monthly and fans wait in anticipation every time. The whole franchise rests upon original Novel series by Mad Snail. Fans have recently claimed that the novel is nowhere near the end and they would like the author to hasten it up a bit.


tales of demons and gods manga

Author Of Tales Of Demons And Gods Manhua:

Mad Snail is a Chinese Novelist and is an author of the original Light novel for tgd Manga. He has written a few other novels too namely:

  • Tales of Gods and Demons
  • Star Martial God Technique
  • A Legendary Thief
  • Nine Heavenly Star Art
  • Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
  • Cult of the Sacred Runes

He is most famous for Yaoshenji Manga but his other works also revolve around similar environments. He focuses mainly on giving 0 to 100 character development to his main characters. All works have same themes revolving around Chinese Mythology, Zodiac, Cultivation (Increasing Power by consuming Souls) , Spirits, Daemons and Deities. Snail sometimes borrows from Buddhist Philosophy too.

Anime / Donghua of Yao Shen Ji:

Donghua is the Chinese animated version of  Tales of Demons and Gods ( Yao Shen Ji). It first aired on May 09, 2017 and has been adopted into 2 Canon seasons and 1 Non-Canon season. First season of Yaoshenji had 40 episodes while the second one also ended on 40 epis. The 3rd season finished in 2018 with 25 recorded episodes to this date. Animation style feels different and peculiar as compared to Japanese animation styles. But if we ignore that, the donghua feels wonderful in storyline illustration.


yaoshenji manga

Plot Of Tales Of Demons And Gods Manga:

Synopsis: The Story starts on our main character who goes by the name of Nie Li”. Nie Li was a weak little boy from a village which was attacked and plundered by the enemy. With hard work and steadfastness, he managed to train himself so much that he became the most powerful demon spirit Summoner. In the course of his journey he battles several strong enemies.

One of his arch-nemesis, the Sage Emperor sets up a trap for him. He engages in a battle with Nie Li with 6 other Hyper Class Beasts. As expected, our protagonist is unable to defeat so many powerful enemies together and dies. But wait! After death, his soul survives and he is reborn into the body of a 13 years old boy from Heavenly Marks Family.

Now our hero has the knowledge from his past life but a very body and very less innate talent. He still doesn’t give up and instead decides to take revenge on the entire world. He sets on the road to becoming the strongest person in the world. In his past life, he roamed through the Immortal Continent and learnt many spells and power boosts. He still retains all that knowledge.

With this second chance at saving his loved ones, he decides to not let his Glory City fall. In his past life, the Sacred Family betrayed the City Emperor causing a civil war and a revolt. Enemy forces took advantage of this occurring and butchered everyone in the city. This time, Nie Li is very determined not to let that happen.

His journey starts off at the Academy of The Holy Orchid where he is enrolled in. Previously, he climbed to the top ranks of the Academy. He makes a plan to train and learn faster than others and also to help those who sacrificed themselves for him in his past life. His absolute resolve helps him get through the hellish training he sets up for himself but something needs to be done about the weak body his soul inhabits. Yao shen ji manga follows the story of his struggle as he desperately tries to become World’s Strongest Cultivator in order to save his Friends & Family. One of his famous quotes is:

Someone who has travelled the lands and sailed the seas wouldn’t stop for little things.

ales of demons and gods

Universe Of  TGD Manga:

Like other cultivation type mangas, TGD Manga also has a complex mechanics atmosphere. The power of an individual depends upon two things:

1- Spiritual Force

2- Physical Force

There is a third attribute called “Spiritual Essence”, which helps in making Spiritual learning easier. The spiritual essence comes in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Purple colors. Red is the weakest spiritual essence and Purple is the strongest.

Similarly there is also a measure to determine someone’s Physical Power/Spiritual Power. When an individual’s Physical Power gets to 100, they transform into a Bronze One Star Warrior , and when the same thing happens with their Spiritual Power , they transform into a Bronze One Star Summoner . In addition to this mechanic, becoming a high class summoner is a really tough deal. Especially because most individuals have a Red Type Spirit Essence which is super difficult to train and hone.

Our Main Character also has a Red Type Spirit Essence in his new 13 years old Body. The ranks in yaoshenji manga are as following:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Black Gold
  • Legend

Nie Li aims to get to Legend Rank before initiating his war on the Demon Beasts. TODAG manga universe is pretty complex when it comes to the mechanics but the story is delving and deep. Let us review the actual manga samples now.

yao shen ji manga

Where To Read Tales Of Demons And Gods:

Yaoshenji Manhua is available online in form of translated scans. The Manhua is translated and updated weekly. You can view it on the following “WEBSITE“. You can also Read Tales of Demons And Gods on various facebook pages and manga-tx website. Currently, this webcomic steals half the show from all other works by the author so be sure to check it out. It is pretty fun XD UWU.

Currently, the manhua is on Chapter 325.5 which is far behind the light novel. TGD light Novel is proceeding at a slow Monthly scheme so if you want to read the English Translated Version, Check out this “WEBSITE“. TGD light novel is currently at Chapter Number 496 which is more than 150 Chapters away from the Manga. But the novel itself is updated very slowly so Manga will probably catch up before. Use the above mentioned links to Read tales of demons and gods.

Art Style of Yao Shen Ji Manga:

The web comic/ manhua of Demons and Gods uses a highly textured colored appearance. Jiang Ryoutai is the chief artist of the series. For the art style I would rate it 7 / 10 due to grainy texture and lack of detailing. It is not a pretty Manhua to be honest but it is just fine. Solo Levelling, another web comic out-performs Tales of Demons And Gods manga at every instance when it comes to art styling. Another reason for a lack of detail could be the outsourcing of the art.

Since the author is not an artist himself, he is a light novel writer so we can not possibly expect him to deliver extraordinary art while keeping overall quality balanced & steamlined. In addition to this, Yaoshenji manga also needs a revision of the color codings in my humble point of view. Despite all these negative outcomes, the background art is very good and well managed.

Props like cracks, blue skies, lush vegetation appear frequently and give an idea of the environment a character is facing in a panel. These backgrounds also imitate Dragon Ball Z art style when it comes to the occasional explosions, beams, magical energies and soul breakers. Hope they make the art better than it currently is. Let me provide an example here of the actual work:

demons and gods

Characters Of Yaoshenji Manga:

TODAG universe is full of mysterious complexities. One of the most remarkable properties of the manhua is its Character Development. If broadly classified, there are more than 5 Main Characters, namely: Nie Li (聂 离), Lu Piao (陆 飘) ,Du Ze (杜泽) , Ye Ziyun (叶紫芸) and Xiao Ning (肖 凝). Let us hear about their character backgrounds:

  • Nie Li (聂 离): Nie Li is the main character of TGD Manga. He died at the hands of betrayal by Sacred Family which led to him fighting Sage Emperor and 6 Powerful Demon Beasts all by himself. His soul resurrected into a weak 13 years old body with Red Spirit essence in it. He willfully decided to change his fate this time and lashed onto the academic training with greater zeal. Currently, he is a summoner and a physical beast warrior. His Abilities are diverse and adaptive (A trait of all cultivation mangas).  He has secret soul techniques, Temporal Demon spirit book, Shadow Devil, Fanged Panda, Blood-wing Saint Jiao Dragon, Power of Law and Demon Blood Sacrifice.  Nie Li also carries a lot of legendary class equipment to help him in his tough journeys.


  • Lu Piao (陆 飘): Lu Piao is one of the two best friends of our main character Nie Li. His other bestie is Du Zhe. He is also a fellow academy fellow and belongs to the very Noble Lu Family of Glory city. Depictions in the manga show him as a lazy fellow with dark urchin hair and greyish irises. In the past life, he used to be one of Nie Li’s most trusted aides but couldn’t excel much in the field of cultivation. He reached only a Silver rank which prevented him from marrying his beloved. In the grand betrayal of Glory City, he and his beloved find themselves during the battle and get married (secretly). In the end he sacrifices his life for her and falls a prey to strong demon beasts resulting in his death. Till his last breath, he refuses to betray either Ni Lee or Xiao Xue (His Beloved). In his current Life, Nie Li helps him attain cultivation levels faster and teaches him Soul Array, a skill that can mutually boost cultivation of Nie Li and his connected group of Friends.


  • Du Ze (杜泽): Du Ze is a mutual best friend of both Ni lee and Lu Piao. He comes from a poor commoner family unlike his aristocratic pals. With brown hair and soft eyes, he acts as a big brother to Lu Piao forcing him to do his tasks with diligence and wit. He is responsible, caring and very serious, something that often gets on the nerves of those around him. He looks aloof but in reality, his study proved to be a great cost to his family wealth and his sisters had to sacrifice themselves by marrying invalid men. One of the most loyal retainers 0f Nie Lee, Du Ze worked hard enough to become a gold tier summoner of demonic beasts. He successfully increased the ranking of his family to aristocratic levels. Like Lu Pio and other vassals of Nie Li, he can use the Soul Array technique to mutually boost cultivation.


  • Ye Ziyun (叶紫芸): Ye Zi Yun is basically the himesama or princess of the lot. She is the daughter of the ruling elite of the Glory City (The Snow Wind Family). Despite having Legend rank demon summoner as Grand Father and a King Class battler as Father, he could only attain Gold rank in the dark arts. In the alternate reality, she escaped the destruction of Glory City with Nie Lee to a desert where both got romantically involved with each other. In the end, she dies while sacrificing herself to save the survivors of Glory City Massacre. It is her that Nie Lee wants to protect the most. Her soul essence is beautifully cyan, giving her impeccable control over her cultivation speed. Nie Lee helps her by giving her several rare artifacts to boost her demon snow cultivation. In the current timeline, she has attained the Legend rank with Nie Lee and her friends using soul array. She was able to absorb the black flames of purgatory in the netherworld because of her mastery over arcane arts.


  • Xiao Ning (肖 凝): Little Ning is the first person to start loving Nie Lee in his current life. She contacted an incurable illness named Arctic Disease in the alternate  timeline. To dispel the disease, her family tries to marry her off to Sacred Family’s Eldest son however, she rebels and escapes into the devil forest. After Glory city is destroyed, she rescues Nie Lee in the forest. By this time, her face has severely eroded due to the effect of the demon forest and she wears a mask. She decides to protect Nie Lee until she breathes her last. She dies in his arms later o due to sickness and exhaustion. In the current timeline, Nie Lee helps her free herself from both The Arctic Disease and the slavery of Sacred Family. As a result of which, she starts to fall in love with him. Using the powers of Soul Array and Nether Flames, She also attains the Legend Rank with her friends. Her aptitude is Thunder and Heavenly Fate rank is her current tier. Tales of gods and demons manga explores her relation with her powers in a bit more diversity than what I have revealed here.

Secondary Characters Of Tales of Demons And Gods Manhua:

Being a complex and diverse cultivation series, Tales Of Demons And Gods is replete with multiple secondary characters who often play an antagonist role or a supporting role to the primary ones. Such secondary characters include:

  • Wei Nan
  • Zhu Xiangjun
  • Zhang Ming
  • Xiao Xue
  • Nie Yu (Imouto San)
  • Duan Jian

tgd light novel

Other Cultivation Xianxia Mangas:

  • My Three Thousand Years to the Sky
  • The Great Ruler
  • World Defying Dan
  • Volcanic Age
  • Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon
  • Legend of the Northern Blade
  • Komik tales of demons and gods


READIBILITY:    ★★★★★★★☆☆   7/10

TRANSLATION: ★★★★★★★☆☆   8/10

ART-STYLE:        ★★★★★★★☆   7/10

STORYLINE:       ★★★★★★★★☆   9/10

  CHARACTERS: ★★★★★★★★★  10/10


Conclusion Of Yao Shen Ji Manga Review:

After this ales Of  Demons And Gods Review, I would first like to know your thoughts down in the comments. My personal opinion is that both the anime and manga are GREAT CHOICES if you love the cultivation (Xinxia) Genre and you ought to give them greater attention. I would personally rate them with an Overall rating of 7.5/1o . The only problems that fans have is the very long running nature of the series. A few fans also claim that the author isn’t producing better new content, and unless he hasten it up, the story shall remain out of stock and incomplete. Apart from cultivation genre, this storyline also fixes itself in Fantasy, Shounen, Psychological, Action and Dark. At times, the story finds great similarities with another Chinese Manhua namely Moshi Fanren (The Last Human).

Tales of demons and gods manga never disappoints you when it comes to a powerfully built storyline but may be lacking when it comes to other aspects of a series such as art style, readability or translations. If you read tales of demons and gods as a first Cultivation manga, you may get too addicted to it XD UwU. Also do check our review on Akatsuki No Yona too.

Reception Of TGD Manhua And Donghua:

Yaoshenji anime first season (Donghua) managed to secure a good aggregate rating namely 7.41 on MAL. The Second season got up to 7.38 while the Light Novel translation also enjoyed a fair bit of success. It would be correct to say that the project as a series was a great success overall both nationally and internationally. In September 2020, almost 19 months after the release of the first volume in France, TGD managed to sell more than 35,000 copies for a sum total of 6 volumes with almost 10,000 copies for the first volume.

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