Texhnolyze Review-A Non Spoiler Analysis & Plot Summary

Before Texhnolyze Review, it is wise to mention that this anime is not suitable for all ages and thus may contain elements that are unwise to be seen by the young. This Texhnolyze Review is Non-Spoiler and it is aimed at audience yet trying to uptake the series.

Creators of Technolyze : Hiroshi Hamasaki, Yasuyuki Ueda

Genre of texnoholyze : Cyberpunk / Psychological Fiction

Texnolyze is an anime based upon a dystopian man-made city, a city bound by corpses and sins of humanity. Simply put, it is indeed a deep anime like Berserk & Ergo Proxy.

Texhnolyze Review



MAL Rating: 7.76/10

Lux is a man-made but underground city which has fallen into lawlessness & ruin. Many factions fight gang wars in Lux to control over the city or parts of the city. Organo is a faction which contains scientists and mafia bosses, Organo experiments on people to make “Texhnolyze”. These are prosthetic body parts which confer special abilities to the one who controls them. Organo is kind of like the Yakuza.

Another faction is Salvation Union, which seeks to defeat Organo. A third lawless gang is of Racan. Racan is kind of like punk biker gangs of 1990s Japan. It is a gang made up of young people who have texhnolyzes of their own.Ichise is a young boy who tried his best to be a prize fighter in the alleys of Lux.

One day he had a fight with his fight manager and thus he was brutally beaten and left on the verge of death. An Organo scientist named Eriko Kamata rescues him and uses him as a prototype for his newly made Texhnolyze. The surgery is successful.

Ichise now starts working for the boss of Organo, a dangerous guy named “Oonishi”. In his job he meets a strange girl named texhnolyze Ran. Together, Ran and Ichise uncover a dangerous secret which may threaten the fate of Lux. Now, they must work together to battle their demons.

“The Body exists only to verify one’s own existence” – Ichise



If I had to sum up this dark anime in a sentence, then it would be:

“The most strangest, darkest and depressing anime ever made”.

The atmosphere from the start is very mysterious and creepy. It is written brilliantly with a lot of detailing, it also explores some really beautiful themes and philosophies. I think it’s one of the most mature and artistic anime ever created, since it is extremely complex yet very compelling. The world of Texhnolyze is a dark, gritty and intense one, it’s basically a shit hole where gangs fight for the control of the city.

The overall world build-up is so accurate and maturely handled with a very brilliant use of color. Texhnolyze Anime with carefully crafted shots and unique camera angles, has one of the best animations I have ever seen. One thing I’d like to mention is that although it’s a slow paced anime, but the first 4 to 5 episodes proceed extremely slowly as compared to others, mainly because in those episodes most of the characters literally do not have much dialogues.  However, in these initial 4-5 episodes, visual storytelling goes on with the plot gradually shaping up.

This anime is by no means intended for entertainment, it’s not a fun or a fast moving anime at all. In fact, Texhnolyze is a highly philosophical, artistic, bold and a very depressing anime with a lot of violence and gore. It’s also not one of those anime that you can binge watch and get over with. One should take their time while watching it. It’ll require your complete attention in order to fully grasp it. This texhnolyze review is aimed at solving your problem.

Like all the other slow paced anime / shows, its build up is lazy, however the end result is worth the wait and quite frankly this applies to every episode. Texhnolyze review is very essential for people who may want to uptake the show.

texhnolyze ran


The soundtracks were top notch. PERIOD!! They had a strong emotional impact, they really added to the mystery and creepiness of texnolyze. The soundtracks of texhnolyze op were basically a mixture of acoustic, electronic and orchestral music. Overall, they did a great job and they were very well fitting. The art, I have already described.


The anime touched many themes such as basic human nature, man’s ego, hunger for power, greed, betrayal, redemption, loneliness, ignorance, and lastly the effects of technology. All these themes were marvelous, realistic and very naturally crafted throughout the anime. In fact, this phenomenon was one of the best things about texhnolyze yoshii.

I also had some issues with the it though, as certain things were left quite unexplained, but in the grand scheme of events they didn’t matter much. The creators achieved what they wanted to achieve while keeping those secrets as cliffhangers.

One of my main issues was with the primary antagonist, since he appeared out of the blue and was extremely underdeveloped. I also couldn’t like the way his arc ended. I think The Class should’ve been explored a bit more. It is my very humble opinion.


Texhnolyze ending was quite mature and fitting, it was very realistic, it proved that no matter what you do, you can not stop what is inevitable in this world. There were a lot of things that one could conclude from this ending depending upon one’s personal experience. However, In the end it was purely left for the viewers to decide their own outcome. Although, for me it was a satisfying end to a great anime.



1- RAN: Ran is a simple young girl from a flower village named Gabe. She was chosen as the overseer of her village and thus, possess powers of prediction. She has the starch ability to look into the future. Due to her power, she is treasured deeply by Oonishi (The Mafia Boss Of Organo). After meeting up with Ichise, Ran grows weird and becomes extremely uncomfortable playing her role as a future-seer.

2- ICHISE: Ichise is the protagonist of texchnolyze, he was at death’s door when Eriko Kamata saves him by using texhnolyzation. A process that replaced his limbs with powerful technology that grants abilities to the bearer. Ichise decides to help Eriko in her plans by being her test subject and her aide. Ichise was feared as a prized fighter in the alleys of Lux.

3- ERIKO KAMATA: Dr.Eriko is the doctor/scientist who rescues Ichise and helps him survive by using him as a test subject for texhnolyzation. The experiment is successful and Ichise is reborn as a super-human. Eriko cares strongly for Ichise and thus maintains a strange but motherly relationship with him.


All in all Texhnolyze Anime is a very well crafted piece of art. It is technically superior, artistic, philosophical, gutsy and unique. It definitely stands toe to toe with the other great anime of all times yet it is extremely underrated. Highly recommended to pro weebs but young weeblets should stay away from it. It may prove to be too deep for them to understand.
This concludes the texhnolyze review.
Final Verdict: 9.5/10


There are in fact very few dark animes like texhnolyze but I can list some for the sake of texchnolyze review:


I have also seen Technolyze like desperation and desolation in Hell Girl, but perhaps not to that great extent.

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