The Last Human Manga (Moshi Fanren Manhua Review)

The Last Human manga (Moshi Fenren) is as a matter of fact a “Manhua” written by a Chinese Author named “Amazing Works”. “Manhua” and “manga” are two different things of the same genre.

Manga are usually Japanese Comics published in a magazine with black/white or monochrome pages while Manhua are comics from China or Greater Chinese Regions published with colored pages. Manhua are special in the sense that they symbolize modern digital art like webtoons.


We have “Meraki Scans” to thank for the English Translation of The Last Human Manga (Manhua), while “AC.QQ” are publishers.

moshi fanren


Ten Years ago, a terrible incident shook humanity to the core! It was the beginning of the end for mankind as mutated zombies filled the entire world in a decade. In the present, our hero Zuo Tian Cheng is the last survivor of humankind.

For 10 whole years he has been trying to defend himself and his beloved but he has failed. Now on the verge of death, he laments not being able to change the past. After his death, he finds his soul being pulled back in time to that unfortunate day 10 years ago.

Zuo has been allowed to go into the past to change humanity’s future!! He swears on his life that he would not fail this time. Equipped with the knowledge of future, he is now ready to save himself, his beloved, his friends and the world. Surely his crisis is just starting!!

manga the last human


One of the things where manga The Last Human doesn’t shine out is probably the art style. While the character outlines are pretty well laid, the supporting characters and out-of-zoom pages do not follow the same principle. In fact, it oddly seems that the producers did not cater much to either backgrounds or supporting characters. It is quite sad to witness such a major flaw in a good manhwa.

Apart from some flaws, manga the last human carries its main point and its sub-points quite well. The landscapes may feature gore scenes, but they do not turn needlessly disgusting. Similarly art profiles are kept at high resolutions for optimum visibility. Overall, last human manga ought to be rated at 6.7/10 in terms of Art Style.

An example of art style is given below:


the last human novel


  • ZUO TIAN CHENG: The protagonist of Moshi Fanren, Zuo Tian Cheng has a very determined attitude. Having faced death and hardships once, he never stops carrying out his plans. He understands that humans are just as dangerous and insidious as Zombies. He never hesitates to kill, but still maintains a heart kind enough to cry for the death of the innocent. Zuo has an incredible personality, His strengths lies in his own heart.
  • CHENG’S GROUP: This group includes Cheng’s nakama (friends), his beloved and supporting characters.  Luo Lansha, Luo Xiao Yu, Luo Xiao Xue, Shang Biao are the ones that belong to Cheng’s group.
  • SU ROU XUAN: In the previous timeline, where Zuo was the last survivor, Su Rou Xuan was the past lover of Cheng.
  • GAO FEI: With a cheerful personality Gao Fei spreads a certain cheer all around. Like Luo he is led by his emotions and he has the capability to make all decisions by his emotional aftertastes. In addition to this, he retains the capability of analysis and judgement. He is Zuo’s Best Friend.
  • LUO REN HANG: The mentor of Zuo! He was the one to teach Zuo about secret fighting styles and breathing techniques. Ren Hang worked in the military before apocalypse so he could not see his Musume (Daughter) that much. Ren made Zuo what he is now, from murder techniques to lofty ideals, Ren assisted in Zuo’s evolution.
  • VILLIANS:  The Villian brigade includes Zhao Youliang, Long Tin and Fatty Wei.


Manga Rock and Manga Freaks have developed a way for you to read the manga. Inherently, if you want to support the creators, you  may buy it from global retail networks like Amazon et cetera. The last human raw is also available on the internet along with pieces like mortals of the doom.

A moshi fanren light novel is seemingly in production too, however nothing is completely known yet.

the last human raw


Overall, the series would be rated as 7.8/10 for a distinct and interesting plot line.  The manga is still ongoing since December. 2018 and new work is underway. Moshi Fanren is infact a Dark manhwa clearly opposite to light hearted pieces like Akatsuki No Yona, of which I had the pleasure of reviewing.

The manga excels in one thing….

Namely, the creation of a diverse world with a variety of characters. It also puts an impressive amount of character development in each and every one of those characters. This is the professional mark of a good author.

Another positive factor that supports this manga is the color scheme that is being used. The schema of Last Human is not too over vibrant and not too shabby either. This assists in visual acuity and flow when the manhwa is being read. We hope to see the last human light novel soon!

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We usually base our review data on reviews taken from individuals in our facebook group. Hope you love it!!


 MOSHI FANREN (The Last Human Manga) REVIEW

READIBILITY:    ★★★★★★★★☆☆  8/10

TRANSLATION: ★★★★★★★☆☆  7/10

ART-STYLE:        ★★★★★★★★☆  9/10

STORYLINE:      ★★★★★★★★☆  9/10

CHARACTERS: ★★★★★★★★★  10/10



This is in fact an interesting debate to say in the least, Manga is more popular due to being an international sensation. It is often painstakingly hand drawn and features both art and story-telling. On the other hand, Manhwa is becoming a celebrity day by day and digital art is getting modern acceptance too. All in all, it is wise to respect both Manhwas, Mangas and even good quality webtoons. It is interesting to see who or whom comes over the top. Since Manhwa “God Of HighSchool” was adapted into an anime, Manhwa has taken on the offensive pathway. Let us observe who prevails over whom.

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