Toilet Bound Hanako Kun- A No Spoiler Review

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun- A No Spoiler Review

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun (Japanese Name: Jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun) is an anime licensed by Funanimation which aired in Spring 2020. It is based upon a manga of the same name by Iro Aida, adapted in Monthly GFantasy since 2014. Comedy, Dark, Supernatural and Shounen are the best genres that describe Jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun:

MAL Rating: 7.76/10

Before we get into the detailed synopsis, it is clear that critical reception of Hanako Kun has been acclaimed internationally. Truth be told, Hanako Kun anime has taken its separate fan-base as well. One of the reasons for this may have been the art style and animations, but there are many other reasons. I am sure you will understand them after this review.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun

Hanako Kun Plot Summary:

The story bases itself upon the concept of “Japanese Urban Legends”. In a school named Kamome Academy, there are 7 old legends running amongst students. The 7th Mystery/Legend says: “If you knock at the third stall on the third floor female bathroom, three times, a ghost named Hanako Kun will appear to grant your wish. But beware!! Hanako Kun will not do anything free of cost. For every wish, there is a price to pay!”

Our Protagonist is a funny but cute girl named Yashiro Nene, who loves gardening and growing vegetables. Sadly, she has always been unlucky in finding love. Despaired by her dumb luck, Yashiro decides to summon Hanako Kun. She asks Toilet Bound Hanako Kun for help in proposing her feelings to her senpai (Senior), Minamoto Kun. Hanako tries to help her with various non-magical methods which end in failure.

Driven by her desperation, she forces Hanako Kun to produce a magical item called Mermaid Cookies. Hanako tells him that the price would be too steep to pay, but if she could eat a cookie and make Minamoto Kun eat a cookie too, they will forever be joined in love.

Yashiro agrees and eats a cookie, but she fails in getting Minamoto Kun to eat a cookie. As a result, Yashiro turns into a fish due to the curse and Queen of Mermaids comes to claim her soul. Hanako Kun repels the Queen of Mermaids on the promise that Yashiro will clean the girls toilets on the third floor and keep him company. The duo is later joined by a training exorcist named Kou Kun. Their story turns dark, but with interesting outcomes as they investigate the strange supernatural events occurring in their school.

hanako of the toilet

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters:

1. YASHIRO NENE: Yashiro Nene is a kawaii (Cute), but airhead girl who loves gardening and growing vegetables. She has bad luck when it comes to love and is usually alone. She also has bad luck making friends and got bullied in school too, because people called her legs “Daikon Legs” (Radish-Like Legs). She summons Hanako Kun due to desperation in her love life and ends up being saved by Hanako Kun. They enter into a contract which links them spiritually and helps Yashiro save herself from a Mermaid Curse. Yashiro and Hanako eventually become fast friends and explore various supernatural school mysteries together. Yashiro is seen to have a cheery disposition at all times. She cherishes her friendships and always runs off to support Hanako and Kou even if she is powerless. Her behavior starts to change Hanako Kun’s dark world into a world of Light. She is voiced by Kito Akari & Tia Ballard.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters

2. HANAKO KUN: Hanako Kun (Real Name: Yugi Amane) is the protagonist of Jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun. He used to be a student of Kamome Academy once in his life. Now, he resides in the third stall of Girls Bathroom on the Third floor and is one of the 7 mysteries of Kamome Academy. Through the anime, we discover that his actual job is to keep the supernatural activity in check. He uses white “willow-the-wisp like orbs” called “hakujoudai” for various purposes ranging from surveillance to attack. Hanako is very handy with a blade and uses a talisman knife as a primary weapon. He always seems to have fun wherever he goes and never gets serious even in dire circumstances. However, at the few times when he does get serious, a psychopathic bloodlust aura seems to surround him and his shadows grow darker. Hanako has golden eyes and a talisman on his left cheek. He also wears a black, policeman’s hat. The character is voiced by Ogata Megumi & Jutin Briner.

Hanako Kun

3. MINAMOTO KOU: He is the brother of Minamoto Teru (Yashiro’s Crush) and comes from a long family of exorcists. Minamoto encounters Hanako Kun and tries to seal him using immature powers of his raiteijou staff but gets electrocuted instead. Eventually, Hanako seals Kou’s staff so he would not hurt himself. Kou is open-minded enough to recognize Hanako (A Spirit) as a friend. He bears a delinquent persona and has blue eyes. He also seems to have a crush on Yashiro. Kou Kun , Yashiro Nene & Hanako Kun usually help solve supernatural mysteries around the school trying to keep evil in check. Kou is a kind but tsundere character voiced by Chiba Shoya & Tyson Rinehart.


4. OTHER CHARACTERS: Other characters include Minamoto Teru(Kou’s Brother), the other 6 Mysteries of School and Yugi Tsubasa (Hanako’s Brother). Yugi Tsubasa in particular is one hell of a main antagonist of the series. Tsubasa was never liked by Hanako and both of them did not go well with their parents.

Even after death, Hanako And Tsubasa mantain a deep but unhealthy relationship. Tsubasa rules the dead territory and Hanako Rules the living territory.Yugi, however, always treats Hanako playfully but with a certain amount of caution.

Art Style of Anime Toilet:

It is very important to note that Hanako of the toilet anime has a very unique and wonderful art/animation style. The boundaries and backgrounds are drawn to breathtaking surrealism. Lerche studio did outstanding justice with animation, budgeting and visuals. Especially for Monogatari fans here, if you don’t see this anime you will miss a very great and palatable 5 course meal. I personally love the character detailing and vibrant use of colors they employed while illustrating both Anime and Manga. You May Check it out here:

Anime Toilet

Conclusion & Reception:

Want to refresh a bad aftertaste? Are you looking for a top-notch supernatural comedy? Well, you won’t ever regret watching Toilet Bound Hanako Kun (Jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun). The Reception of this anime has been very well. The manga suddenly got popular and started selling like hot-cakes. User experience suggests that most reviews of both Kakushigoto and TBHK were not only predominantly positive but also fanbase-developing.

JSHK made a dedicated fan base for itself and continues to be featured in several Doujinshis around Japan. The anime scored 7.61/10 on MyAnimeList and is included in top 1000 Anime of all time. More than 92% of Google users found the anime “very likable” while some of them went so far as to state it an outright “Masterpiece”.


1- Is toilet bound Hanako Kun finished?

Hanako of the Toilet anime has finished its first season on January 2020 with 12 episodes in total. The anime toilet finished airing on March 27,2020.

2- Will there be a season 2 for toilet bound Hanako kun?

A season 2 of Toilet Bound Hanako Kun will probably air in 2021. No official news yet though.

3- Will toilet bound Hanako Kun be dubbed?

The dubbed version is available now. Voice Actors Tyson Rinehart, Jutin Briner & Tia Ballard starred in the dubbed version.

4-How did Yugi Amane die?

Spoiler Alert- Yugi Amane killed his brother Yugi Tsubasa and most probably died by murder-suicide in the girls bathroom on the third floor. They were never close to their parents.

5-Is Hanako dead?

Yes, Hanako Kun is dead and that is why he is a ghost in this anime toilet.

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